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Airmen (Pilots, Mechanics, others) Forms. Airmen Certification; Flight Planning. Flight Plan; Pre-Flight Pilot Checklist and. The FAA will implement flight plan filing for civil aircraft using a format that aligns with The new format appears on FAA Form , FAA International Flight. Department of Defense flights who may continue to use the format prescribed in FAA Form , and sub part b, c, and d (below) do not.

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Preamble Line Field B. IFR flight plans specifying stopovers or terminal area delays require separate messages be sent to the appropriate ARTCCs for each segment. Required for SOM recognition. The last data field of a message need not be followed by a space.

For flights inbound to the conterminous U. The first occurrence of Field E must always follow Field 09 of the message. VFR Flight Plans Have you ever wondered who would search for you if weather or mechanical problems forced taa to land off-site?

Spaces are permitted within the remarks field to separate words or contractions.

For the ffaa plan to take effect, you must activate or open it. RS messages may be entered only for flight plans which: After you’re airborne, you should make periodic position reports to increase the accuracy of your last known position in the event a search and rescue SAR is required.

Don’t forget to close your flight plan. Part-time FSSs shall forward items 1 through 17 in accordance with para Provides priority, and addressee. fwa


Consists of two-to-seven characters followed by a space character. After you establish communication, request that the plan be opened, provide them with your departure time, and that’s it. The first character of the identification must be a letter. The last element of the amended data must match the first element of the remaining nonamended data, otherwise the following rejection message is returned: Consists of 72331- characters followed by a space character. End of Line Function Field E.

Such contacts permit significant information to be passed to the transition aircraft and also serve to check the 723-1 of the flight should it be necessary for any reason to locate the aircraft.

FAA Form 7233-1

Remember, as with any insurance, the value only becomes apparent when you’re at your most vulnerable. End of Message Function Field F. Start of Message Code Fqa A.

Consists of a six-digit date-time group and the eight-character originator identifier. This means that when you file a domestic flight plan, you won’t be eligible for RNAV departure or arrival procedures, but you can still be assigned conventional non-RNAV procedures.

Domestic, Canadian, and International identifiers of two-to-five alphanumeric characters. This field must indicate the filed true airspeed in knots or Mach number. RBV [d] Military Routes. We all know that when you fly an IFR flight you must have a flight plan in the system, and you must have been issued a clearance before you enter controlled airspace. NAR routes are numerically coded over existing airways and route systems from and to specific coastal fixes serving the North Atlantic.


Some fields contain the necessary functions to operate the computer data terminal adapters and are designated by alpha characters. Double period insertions do not count against the element limitation. Consists of eight-to-eleven alphanumeric characters in the following sequence: Transmit flight plans as follows: Items 12 through 17 must be retained by the FSS or in the operational system and be available upon request.

Same as subpara c1.

Standard Briefing – FAA Form

Additionally, the filed departure point 72333-1 06 must agree with the stored departure point. A route must be filed in one of the following ways: Fields 01 Message type and 02 Aircraft Identification are required. DP, if used, must be filed by the computer code designator as the second element of Field 10 and be followed by the transition or exit fix.

Aircraft Identification Field 2733-1 An FP message may be entered with a stereo tag as the only Field 10 entry, which causes the Field 10 data stored for the stereo tag to be substituted for the stereo tag and processed as the filed Field This field contains the departure point or fix at which an aircraft will pick up IFR.

Delay information shall be filed within the route of flight.