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This looks great in Crystal, but when I export the report to excel-data only (which is mostly what the report is used for) the sub-report comes out. Exporting Crystal Reports into Excel. When I export a report to excel all columns export correctly except the sub report it makes it a new row. Any tips on how to. Your main report should report at least that field. Right click on the sub report to manage individual sub report links. In Crystal Reports 10 exporting with multiple .

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Friday, March 23, 1: Jeff Beese 1 4 Monday, March 5, In the subreport, suppress all sections except the one that contains your data. Has anyone got one? Unfortunately, your solution did not work for me. I can’t guarantee that this will work, but I believe it will.

Export Crystal Report Main report and Subreport data to Excel

Edited by boltonss Saturday, July 12, 5: Essentially, I have a Crystal Report that consists of three sub-reports. Saturday, July 12, 5: I could not find ANY way to crjstal a subreport value to export on the same line as the rest of the data as long as I used the “Data Only” option.

If I crtstal you correctly, you have a subreport that returns some piece of data on the same line as other data in your main report. For instance here’s a. I am not having success exporting direct to an excel worksheet. Remove From My Forums.


I want the data to be display together same row with the main report data. Please do not use.

Crystal report subreport data does not export when exporting a report to CSV

In the main report, set the location of the top of the subreport to be the same as other data on the line. Students Click Here Join Us! Exporting to Excel with subreports.

All data from replrt main report is forced left unless there is data from the sub in front of it. If the link doesn’t work, the knowledge base article ID is c Your main report should report at least that field. I have a report with two sub-reports, all on one row of my master report.

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While what you suggest would work, in theory, it comes with the price of performance degradation because, instead of the main report running 3 sub-reports, it would now be running 9 sub-reports. As it happens, I was just testing this yesterday. Crystal Reports 9 through I still don’t have solution for this issue. If all sub reports are placed to the right of all info being reported in your main report, and everything is lined up correctly In Crystal Reports 10 exporting with multiple sub reports.

Because of the different data sources, the sections in the individual sub-reports may vary in length from one another, so my full report is rendered as such:. The content you requested has been removed.

In the main report, turn off the explrt on the subreport. Because of the different data sources, the sections in the individual sub-reports may vary in length from one another, so my full report is rendered as such: Crystal Reports for Visual Studio Retired. Proposed as answer by erosan Wednesday, November 24, 3: Saturday, November 27, You can usually avoid the row subrwport column merging if you are careful about alignment and positioning.


HI Ya Subrepor need a solution to this as well. I am having a small problem with formatting on a Crystal Report that Subrepogt am hoping that you may be able to help me with. Any help will be highly appreciated? But still hope that they can solve this issue. The three sub-reports generate counts based off of the parameters, one of which is an overall count, the other two are sub-set counts.

Did you try exporting it as Tab separated text file?

Crystal Reports Exporting to Excel with subreports

Business objects has a knowledge base article addressing this issue. In the main report, set the height of the subreport to be the same as the other data in the section where it’s located.

I’ve tried several different export formats – all do something similar. Register now while it’s still free! Why not use the regular Excel export instead of data only–then the guidelines method will work.

Hi all, I have a problem whenever I export the crystal report with a subreport to a excel Data Onlythe subreport data will display next row.