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One Drive, Any Power, Any Motor. The Unidrive SP is a universal AC and Servo drive with ratings from to 2,hp. No. String, Cause of trip. 1, UU, DC link under voltage. Under voltage trip and restart levels are as follows: Drive voltage rating UU trip level UU restart level. Unidrive SP AC Drive from Emerson/Control Techniques is a complete drive automation range that covers the power spectrum from to 2, hp. All drives .

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Unidrive SP Free Standing drives offer a fully engineered drive that is supplied within a standard sized enclosure. Er Option module in slot 2: Position feedback selected is not valid i. If errors occur in both banks an EEF trip is initiated. This trip indicates that the power was removed when parameters were being saved which resulted in an error in a power down save parameter bank.

The Unidrive SP is now a superceded product and is in it’s maintenance period. The Unidrive SP can be enabled to run in several ways.

Er Data error from electronic nameplate data stored in selected position feedback device. P Power module over current detected from the module output currents Oht2.

HF Option module in slot 1: This trip cannot be reset until the voltage falls below the maximum continuous level. This trip will occur on every subsequent power up until parameters are saved again.

The final speed of the demand is parameter 3. Comms timeout or set up transfer time too long EnC5 Drive encoder trip: If you have a faulty drive but don’t require on site support, Drives and Automation are able to repair them at our repair centre in Telford. Data error from electronic nameplate data stored in selected position feedback device.


Unidrive SP Error and Trip codes

FlexiBowl Flexible Umidrive Products. This occurs when The speed reference should be displayed here if the digital inputs and the drive unidrivd are failing to operate properly. Check menu 1 and 2 to determine where it is stopping if the reference is not getting to this point. Very high current motors may be controlled using a multi-drive modular arrangement. This fault is usually due to noise on the sine and cosine signals.

Control Techniques Emerson Unidrive SP SP | eBay

An attempt has been made to create a data block on a SMART card, but there is not enough space on the card. To see the function that will be carried out, you can reference the binary value to emersoj chart below. Get your faulty Unidrive SP repaired. Our extensive experience in retrofit and new projects means we have the knowledge to look deep into the control system where we commonly find the peripheral devices are faulty rather than the drive module.

Ld1 Digital output overload 27 O. The Unidrive SP defaults to positive logic. P Power module over voltage PH. The digital inputs may be configured emerskn or inactive if the parameters are not going to a 1 with the corresponding commands.

This could occur because the module cannot be identified, or the module has not indicated it is running within 5s of drive power-up, or an internal hardware fault has occurred in the unidrove.

Call us now on to discuss on site support. The module has detected an error and tripped the drive. All drives are going to trip at some point or other. Call us now on to enquire about a refurbished Unidrive SP. Follow it to the destination and confirm the speed reference value is arriving there and then through 3.

The Unidrive SPM Modular AC power modules provide the same advanced control feature set as our Panel Mount AC drives but with s power system flexibility; the AC drives may be arranged to provide a common DC bus system unidrice or without an active front end regenerative, 4 quadrant operation.


Optn Parameter data or default difference data is being transferred from a SMART card to the drive, but the option module categories are different between source and destination drives.

Unidrive SP Error and Trip codes – Drives and Automation

The reason for the error is stored in parameter x. A failure has occurred during the alignment of the analogue signals of a SINCOS encoder with the digital count derived from the sine and cosine waveforms and the comms position if applicable. Why use a DC Motor? Er Option module in slot 1: Under voltage trip and emrson levels are as follows: An attempt has been made to access a SMART card, but a card is not present meerson communications failure has occurred between the drive and the card.

Servo mode phasing failure because the phasing angle Hiperface encoder – The encoder type could not be identified during auto-configuration.

The drive stores the inidrive of the modules fitted when the drive parameters are saved. The drive emeerson may not run if the digital inputs and the drive sequencer are each working properly. Position feedback direction incorrect, or motor could not be stopped during the inertia test, or minimal movement phasing test failed see If you are wanting to upgrade your obsolete Unidrive SP to an M Series Drive, use our quick reference guide to choose the right replacement Drive for your application: The drive will now accept a decimal value from 0 to at 6.