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. SYMCLI SRM( Mapping) Commands symhostfs- Display information about a. EMC – SYMCLI By P.S Rathore If I get a dollar for each time I searched for a symcli command to achieve something, I would have been a one. You can have up to 5 SRPs, but EMC recommends that you just have one, unless you need to physically . Older VMAX and Symmetrix SYMCLI commands.

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Delete device group mydg. List details about all the static rdf groups commands array. Completely remove the wwn from the login history table of vmax List all the clone copy sessions with No background copy activity in array A Particulary useful output here is the SnapShot Allocated GB Column, if you are in a bind for space you can quickly identify which storage group has consumed the most snapshot space and terminate some snapshots to return space to the SRP.

Create 10 thick gatekeeper devices of FBA emulation. Copy all the devices from composite group TestCg to another coposite group called DevCg and assign new name from each ldev.

Notify me of new comments via email. List all the snapshot source devices in vmax with restored status.

Symcli Commands

This command also shows the time frame from when the audit log started and at which time the last entry added. Unbind the devices AAA: OldSG is a part of masking view. Copy mode creates a full-volume copy of the data by copying it to the SRP of target devices. Imports all composite groups from the text file AllCgsBackup. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Dispalys all the disks in disk group 1.


Create storage groups from the earlier exported file MystorageGroup. The upcoming writes will go to the newly bounded pool.

List the local devices along with the serial number of corresponding array. Shown below SourceSG1 has a large capacity of snapshot allocated storage. With ysmcli option ,this commands will displays the multiple thin pools that each TEVS binded with.

Remove the devices from a device group symld -sid rmall -range Shows the configuration informations like the micro-code versionwhether the Dynamic RDF is vommands or not etc. List all the symrdf operation records from the Symaudit log file. Make sure you call your script like this:.

EMC VMAX3 – CLI Cheat Sheet | David Ring

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: First the Solution enabler software has to be installed which can be obtained from powerlink.

Show the array efficiency gained through Virtual Provisioning, Commanes Shots and Compression for array. Write disable the device ABC from through all directors. Display host based and array based licenses that apply to Symm array symlmf —sid list —type sym. OnCommand Insight discovers Symmetrix storage arrays by using Solutions Enabler “symcli” commands against an existing Solutions Symcil server in your environment. Ejc already written data on the earlier bounded pool will not migrated to the newly bounded pool.


Display a brief engine wise summary of all diskgroups in vmax array along with speedsize and type of disks. Release the lock 15 held on array Forums Mentions Tags More Cancel.

Lists all devices in symmetrix Needless to say, taking snapshots on VMAX3 is quicker, more efficient and easier than it has been on any previous generations. Display only the gaps available space on given disk symdisk -sid show 5A: This command also shows the number of devices assigned from remote array port to the FA 10f: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: To find out more, including how commandx control cookies, see here: This is equal to “show” each device groups in the commabds.

Displays online and connection status of all front-end director ports. Interval, in seconds, at which the data source should poll the device. This also displays actual bounded pool and also the pool which currently em due to “rebind” or FAST Policy.

Lists the devices which are not mapped to any ports. The operations are like associate,disassociate,establish etc. Establish the SRDF relation between the devices given in the file rdf.

The link will go to NotReady NR state.