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Elfquest (or ElfQuest) is a cult hit comic book property created by Wendy and Richard Pini in It is a fantasy story about a community of elves and other fictional species A one-shot issue re-introduced the sea elves with a new cast of characters. The first ten issues of Hidden Years were collected in two color volumes. The Sea Elves has 5 ratings and 0 reviews: Published September 1st by Chaosium, 48 pages, Paperback. : The Sea Elves: A Complete Culture for Elfquest ( ) by Elizabeth Ceritelli; Wendy Pini and a great selection of similar New, Used.

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In this way she was also able to briefly contact Rayek after he left Sorrow’s End.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. These elves would likely journey from water-hole to water-hole and bind Zwoots, or a similar animal, for their mounts and food. WaveDancers Adapted to life beneath the ocean waves, the WaveDancers made a place for themselves far from the reach of the ever-expanding encroachments of humans. Build the board as you lead your Elf Tribe toward safe passage.

The world where the series takes place, eventually called Abode by its human inhabitants, but originally referred to as the World of Two Moons, superficially resembles Earth. Scouter and Dewshine are young lovemates when she Recognized Tyldak. Stalk the forest with your wolf-brother You also have elfqust births, though rare, in the form of twins.

The Sea Elves: A Complete Culture for Elfquest

The elves of Elfquest are descended from highly advanced humanoid aliens called High Ones by their descendants. The already re-shaped Blue Mountain shattered, and nearly all Gliders were killed — as a people or tribe, the Gliders do not exist anymore.

Her age is unknown as she was old before her people even left their original, dying, home world to travel the stars.


They can die of wounds or disease, or even by simply choosing to spirit-walk from their elfqust and not return, or refusing food and or water because they have stopped wanting to elcquest any longer Eldolil, an old Wolfrider did this, he was the last pureblood in the tribe – see “Song for Eldolil”. Part of the reason for the delay is that Wendy Elfqufst was undergoing hip replacement surgery.

The Wolfriders enjoy the benefits of a more sophisticated culture with greater knowledge, while the Sun Folk benefit from a band of strong hunters and defenders of their desert refuge from humanity.

Wolfriders The Wolfriders are the main characters of Elfquest, a shy and secretive tribe of forest dwellers who have allied themselves with the wolves elfqusst the World of Two Moons.

BookDB marked it as to-read Oct 29, e,fquest A companion series from the future of the world of Elfquest. But, you must work quickly before the Troll completes the Metal Dome, sealing off the Haven forever. Sign In Don’t have an account? The island environment of the elves is presented, including rules for volcanoes, earthquakes and Great Waves.

Elfquest Roleplaying – Wayne’s Books RPG Reference

With Pike, Skot and Krim, their cubs Sust and Cheipar were born outside of Recognition, there is no way of knowing if Pike or Skot is the father or, if in fact, both could be, as Wendy hinted at with that very wording. Immerse yourself in the Wolfriders’ saga through characters you create. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. This is because their violent lives mean they must try to breed as often as possible and waiting for an ideal, Recognized pairing would mean they would be killed off in a generation or two.

Continuing their quest, Cutter and Skywise learn of the existence of another elf tribe dwelling in a place called Blue Mountain. Views Read Edit View history. I am eager to see the tribe he makes.

A more harmonious example is Scouter, Dewshine, Tyldak and Tyleet. It includes the material originally seen at Boing Boing plus the rest of the Final Quest prologue.


A proposed second series that would have included Skywise among others never reached production. Elfquest the original series: The initially color titles New BloodHidden Yearsand Shards for the most part carried the main storyline forward from the prehistoric to the medieval period of the World of Two Moons, now named Abode, occasionally featuring non-canonical stories. However, unlike Dewshine and Tyldak, Scouter and Tyleet are tribesmates and friends and they like what they see in one anothers souls.

FutureQuest stories not yet completed or rlves combine both Jink and Rebels storylines. A licensed tabletop Elfquest role playing game was produced by Chaosium inutilizing the Basic Role-Playing system which had first appeared in the game RuneQuest and some original illustrations by Wendy Pini, including the character sheets.

Kings of the Broken Wheel: When winter came, Timmain shape-shifted into a wolf to hunt food for the starving elves around her. Who wrote the stories and drew the art? Recogition is an involuntary sharing of inner selves to produce offspring. At the beginning of the series, Crescent, their first, was born and was killed at the age of 16 several years before Dart was conceived who is age 12 at the beginning of the series.

Elfquest – The Elfquest Who’s Who

Dreamtime — the visions and omens experienced by the Wolfriders during their 10, year sleep. The warlike Go-Backs are often killed in their never-ending battle with trolls or my accident and mishap. Staggering out from the crash-landing, the High Ones found that their psychic powers were greatly weakened on Sez, leaving them unable to defend themselves from the prehistoric cave-dwelling humans who fearfully attacked them.