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Whilst we can hope that Forge world will give us a new army list it would be unrealistic to think that the Corsairs are high on list of priorities. Eldar Corsair Codex. Author’s Note: Eldar Corsairs (Fluff). ARMORY. ARMY LIST. HQ: Prince Lieutenants: Troops: Corsairs: 1+; Rangers: Kroot: Elites. Every list will include at least one Baron as a coterie leader and Corsair Cloud Dancer Band (Grade: A): These are Eldar Windriders plus.

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It was the lack of technologic infrastructure of these people that spared them the full wrath of the orks. This weapon is a psychic creature with an elongated bone horn in which sends a psychic charge along the length of the blade when corsairw strikes and opponent. Gunnery crews, repair artisans, navigationist, and more are necessary to keep a ship running.

Turned from a Meh army into something with a whole flavour of its own, you get options from both Craft world and their Dark kin, but it still manages to feel like a stand alone army list. Bad Behavior has blocked access attempts in the last 7 days.

Eldar 40k Proposed Rules.

The kroot were sent to search the reeking ship, another benefit of their presence on in his crew! Zoats display an unexplained loyalty to the prince.

40K Review: Eldar Corsairs – Bell of Lost Souls

When a prince enters a land battle he never leaves his vessel outside his command. All of the support weapons must be armed with the same type of weapon from the list: Plus they still have Corsair Coterie Keywords just sitting there.


Cotories These will shape your army a little more than the Prince’s Paths will. When coorsairs the shells explode. Some are gunnery sergeants, fighter squadron leaders, or command navigation crews. Ads by Project Wonderful!

IA11 Eldar Corsair Colour Scheme and List Help – MiniWarGaming Wargaming Forum

While much of the technology utilized by corsairs comes from craftworlds and exodite planets, many corsairs corsaurs taken upon themselves to develop their own methods of production. The crewmen that take up arms are known simply as corsairs, individuals that rise to position of authority within a corsair squad are referred to as sergeants. This creature appears to be a large cat whose eyes portray a disturbing intelligence.

Can also take Meltabombs or Haywire grenades and jump packs. One can be upgraded to a sergeant for 8 points and receives an increase of one attack.

Despite their connection there is nothing more repugnant to the zoats then falling sway to the hive mind. While nowhere near the as capable of manipulating genetics as a tyranid broad queen, the shamans have been able to influence the development of their arsenal to tailor them to their taste. With its rider slain the carnosaur will gain the Rage universally rule.

Because of this, the corsairs lack individuals that are able to make extensive use of the warp such as farseers and warlocks. Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. They could be digital weapons, projected blades, or other form of trick weaponry.


With a statline somewhere between Guardians and Aspect Warriors and 9 points a pop and armed with a lasblaster, these guys will be the rank and file of an army.

One in 3 guys can swap out his weapons for either a flamer, a fusion pistol, a fusion gun or a power weapon. Place a spare 5-inch blast marker in base contact with the model; this marker will remain in play for the duration of the game.

Eldar Corsairs (Fluff)

Consider too that Corsair special rules and aethermancy don’t have very much effect on vehicles taken in those detachments. It just gets old.

So, you’ll need to have some rando HQ to lead the corisar battalion? Corsairs favor the jetbike for rapid assaults.

MiniWarGaming Wargaming Forum

These are specially modified shurikens that contain a potent mix of venoms which enzymes that converts the targets own anatomy into an cosairs weapon. Delivery Systems Corsairs have a myriad of ways to bring heavy weapons, this is a breakdown of which unit would be the most point efficient way to bring those to the battlefield.

Whether the force is drawn from a single ship or an armada is irrelevant as even a single cruiser can produce a small army of corsairs. All the usual shiny rules for a flier in normal games aerial assault, supersonic are present and also states it counts as a flier in Apoc.