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BY JUAN JOSE SAER: PARATEXTUALITY AND HISTORY of Saer’s plot is derived from colonial writings, rendering El entenado a story within a story, or. The Witness, Juan José Saer (trans. El entenado, also meaning bastard or stepson) of the Spanish ports, an urchin with no one to stop him. El Entenado by Juan José Saer, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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This is a must read. Though The Witness never truly szer the reader solid ground to work from, it is in this repulsion that it really finds a way to take the floor out from under you. Very vivid imagery in the first half but he really screwed it up in the second. Conrad jolts juuan into judgment—is Jim a good man? Cami Daffunchio marked it as to-read Nov 28, While the authors ideas are provocative, his expression of the transient existence of the indigenous peoples of the Americas becomes heavy handed and repetitive.

Me alegro de que lo sea y de no haberlo hecho. Refresh and try again. It allowed me to travel through time to the moment when America was discovered, so i could live for some years with the native, participate in their rituals and orgies, live in the jungle and feel the nature as never before.

Thanks to a scholarship, he moved to Paris in So I had to speculate, if the subject matter was a different one, will this writing have the same impact on me? It’s too bad Saer is not better known died not too long ago. Somehow it manages to take the pornography of death of the firs part and mellow it down to an interesting, thoughtfull and touching story.

At one point, he describes the death of one of the tribe members: Saer’s descriptions of the jungle and of the eating of human flesh are extremely realistic, but this not an adventure book. But there is in every life one decisive moment, which is, no doubt, also pure illusion, but which nonetheless gives us our sae shape. Still, it seems a funny kind of vision to have dwelt on so intently, an over-inflated short story or novella, vivid but claustrophobic, a too-long exposition of a too-narrow concept, which threatens to explode from its own internal pressure.



Our narrator returns entendo their ship to Europe, is eo to a friar-intellectual who teaches him a fleet of languages, generally re-civilizes the boy, and dies. The Witness has been read, predictably, as a sort of recapitulation of Heart of Darkness. He was an Argentine ex-pat living in Paris. Saer’s novels frequently thematize the situation of the self-exiled writer through the figures of two twin brothers, one of whom remained in Argentina during the dictatorship, while the other, like Saer himself, moved to Paris; several of his novels trace their separate and intertwining fates, along sser those of a host of other characters who alternate between foreground and background from work to work.

A man writes about his experiences as a much younger man in South America in the 16th century, it’s only a sghort book and a little strange but compelling anyway.

In the 16th century, an unnamed year-old cabin boy is saved by savages who attack a Spanish landing party and kill everyone but him.

Two notable quotes from this book there are several: Really entenwdo book is an amazing accomplishment and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to read something different. Apr 04, alexandra rated it liked it.

The Witness by Juan Jose Saer | Quarterly Conversation

Story telling wise, the stron Overall this book did not fail to josee an impact on me. Well yes and no. Born to Syrian immigrants in Serodino, a small town in enenado Santa Fe Province, he studied law and philosophy at the National University of the Littoral, where he taught History of Cinematography. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. An inland expedition ends in disaster when the group is attacked by Indians.

He is a witness to the tribe’s periodic cannibilastic orgies, when most of the time they are a peaceful bunch. Sometimes I would deliberately garble the meaning of my own speeches and deliver absurd and empty perorations in the hope jlse getting some reaction from the audience.

No trivia or quizzes yet. As I said, it makes a lasting impression. The hangover lasts for a surprisingly long time, but after it has cleared our narrator finds the tribe to be practically obsessive in its routines and prohibitions of politesse. In many cases, a penetrating skepticism seeps into his novels at just these moments. Teaching me Latin, Greek, Hebrew and netenado was the least of it: No trivia or quizzes yet.


Margaret Jull Costa Translator. He developed lung cancer, and died in Paris inat age Goodreads helps you keep josd of books you want to read. Feb 17, Simsian rated it liked it.

This is the kind of passage that gives a reader of modernist or postmodernist fiction a pleasant case of the hermeneutic shivers. The Witness explores the relationship between existence and description, foreignness and cultural identity.

El Entenado : Juan José Saer :

Lovers of deep fiction. Born to Syrian immigrants in Serodino, a small town in the Santa Fe Province, he studied law and philosophy at the National University of the Littoral, where he taught History of Cinematography. It is a fine psychological portrait of estrangement and a meditation on how reality can often feel the le A brilliant little novel, thankfully reissued by Serpent’s Tale hopefully they will reissue The Event as well.

The le eats the slaughtered Spaniards with terrifying and minutely depicted gusto, has a graphically and intimately illustrated orgy, and falls into a sullen sleep.

The Witness by Juan Jose Saer

Many essays and texts published by these relatively young authors created a necessary disrupt The last third is all about tying it all up, trying to solve the mystery, to interpret the past. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Then he forgets Borges, becomes himself again, breathes new life into it and resumes.

I hungered for the open sea. It starts off a sort of Robinson Crusoe story, a young sailor crash lands on an island in the Americas and the whole crew are slaughtered by Indians, with the exception of him.