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Know more about Eirenaeus Philalethes | News and views about people around the world | Our first look at a New World alchemist. We look at Eirenaeus Philalethes and the person behind the name, George Starkey. He’s one of the. Philalethes, Eirenaeus: Collectanea Chymica: A Collection of Ten Several Treatises in Chymistry, Concerning The Liquor Alkahest, The Mercury of Philosophers.

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The 4 Eirenaeus Philalethes and Carl Jung result was that European alchemy became ever more dependent on its specialized language of images and tropes. Of greater imperative to the reader, however, was an author who could convincingly decipher the traditional enigmata of the art.

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If we return one more time to the Ripley commentary, we shall see how a contemporary alchemist might have divined the necessity of silver. Virtually all the Philalethan Decknamen have yielded up their colorful costumes to reveal the same three actors — mercury, crude or refined antimony, and iron or its sulfurous component.

Although the King is richer than his father, the. After that substance was prepared, it was supposed to be sealed up and heated, whereon it would die and rot.

But it had already been solved as early asby the Moravian physician Johann Hertodt von Todtenfeldt, without 20 Eirenaeus Philalethes and Carl Jung eirenqeus use of any documents but the printed corpus of Philalethes He then encounters a blear-eyed man with corroded fingers, who merrily enquires the title of the book.


It is a Chaos or Spirit, because our fiery Dragon, which conquers philaleyhes things, is penetrated all the same by the odor of the vegetable Saturnia, whose blood congeals with the juice of Saturnia into one marvellous body.

During his final years at Harvard, Starkey became increasingly occupied with the practice of medicine. Let us employ the principle of dispersion de la science, and consult the Philale- than corpus as a whole.

Eirenaeus Philalethes (George Starkey)

Let us quote another passage from the Ripley commentary in order to confirm the identity of the sordid whore: At once burlesque and arcane, innocent and obscene, it seems to defy the analysis of reason. The errors of a late tract called, A short discourse of Could the seventeenth century interpreter of Philalethes have determined the necessity of silver without recourse to Suchten eireneus the letter to Boyle? In both cases the same process is being described — the reduction of crude antimony by iron The anonymous eirennaeus maintains that these figures were of cabalistic origin as on p.

Routledge, ; Psychology and alchemy, Collected Works, vol. She informs him that the men whom he has met are those.

He acquired immediate acclaim in England as an alchemical savantdue in part to the well-connected network of scientific practitioners and colleagues he had been associated with in New England. He then launches into an analysis of eirenaaeus metaphor in the following words:.

In the course philaletues elucidating this idea, Jung draws on a number of alchemical authors from the early modern period. For Ibn Umail, cf. Comparing her own dominion to his, she relates the following:. We shall return to this subject presently, but let us finish first with the philosophers’ mercury.


Only then may we understand the role of alchemy in seventeenth century culture at large.

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eorenaeus A far less dogmatic view, but one that still gives credence to the Jungian model, may be found in the new Norton History of chemistry by William H. It is enlightening to read this passage beside such descriptions of the philosophical mercury as the following:.

Inthe plague found London and George Starkey. Starkey views the crude antimony as the agent, or magnes, while the iron is the patient, or chalybs. It is said to be in every place: For philaleyhes issue of alchemy’s dissociation from the medieval universities, cf.

There he learned that phlialethes one will arrive at an amalgam of mercury and the star regulus of antimony without the addition of silver Home People Medicine Medicine: Since the Middle Ages, however, the Latin world had known that Mars was a Deckname, a secret name, for iron She is naked, and her skin as bright as fine silver.

On learning the title, the decrepit individual reveals his familiarity therewith:. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article. This refers to the monochrome blackness now found within the sealed vessel.