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Strategy Guide for Eien no Aselia -Kono Daichi no Hate De(Aselia the Eternal – The Spirit of Eternity Sword) originally posted by 永遠のアセリア (Eien no Aselia, Aselia the Eternal). August 27, ·. A useful walkthrough for those who are having a hard time. (Note: contains spoilers so. Think you’re an expert in Eien no Aselia Expansion -The Spirit of Eternity Sword -? Why not start up this guide to help duders just getting into.

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Euphoria – Some sort of interesting character, and had nickname Euphy.

And I hate the everybody forgets the main character plot device. So quickly and join our friendly community. Will no longer spawn 15 turns after moving to Rizario. You need the original game and a clear save game to see them all.

The Spirit of Eternity Sword (Eien no Aselia, Seinarukana)

You must pick every choice marked with a andincluding their combinations. So is it safe to overwrite the Eternal Skills since they are unusable? Dakkodango Translations is proudly powered by WordPress. All Posts OPs Only. He trains hard to reach adequate level, he thinks about the spirits and tries to help them.

Steam Community :: Aselia the Eternal -The Spirit of Eternity Sword-

What is a good route for a second playthrough? If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the our friendly community. Wait, so this is an all age version of the game? So, between TtT, Utawarerumono, and this game, which would be better to play? I have confirmation from JAST that they’re shipping out copies. You need to login to do this. Calculating the death of your troops includes both battle losses and Sword Releases you made. Capture the capital of Malorigan Mission If you mouse over it, I think it’ll show you how much mana you’ll get for capturing it.


Seinarukana Discussion : visualnovels

I can’t remember information on whether he was an Eternal and which sword could he have in such case. And if you’re going to play Aselia the Eternal, you eirn as well play it first.

Blue spirits are the physical fighters available to you, dealing massive damage in the attack role but also countering enemy magic when supporting.

Posted April 27, But there is one place where you can estimate your progress. Register a new account. Event with Orpha 1 10th Turn: You have to meet certain conditions for it though.

Too bad she becomes evil, can’t wait for the inevitable fight of her and Aselia, aka mother vs daughter. This site uses cookies.

Or at least mentioned what happened to them afterwards? Esperia GreenspiritYou need to avoid triggering Aselia route. Membership is free and once you logged in as member you can remove advertisements. It is meant to be included together with the said patch, please do not post it on any other sites without permission. Also, is that black chick just completely useless?

After that you will find the extras section that covers all kinds of details about the game with bonuses like the games song lyrics and an FAQ section. Even now, I will never forget them. They just lost their immense power and needs to gather mana walkthdough scratch to make up their lost power. You should play Aselia the Eternal not because of its connection to Seinarukana, but because it’s as good as or better than Seinarukana.


News about VN adaptions is allowed. Note that the spirit classes dont affect their skill gain, but may have different stat progression which gets instantly re-calculated when you reach the next class and level up, so its not something to worry about.

Also enemy spirits are treated as senseless dolls which can be easily killed. What happens on n evil route that they removed, am I missing much? I’m contemplating to go through north instead if they’d give the same amount walkthrough says go via the city, but my setup isn’t really viable for that. And he faces hard choices.

Script Translation Complete 48 Comments March 20th, by cheese. Click me for link! Managing usage of your best skills so you have reserves for bosses is important as it was in both of those games.


This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb asleia Well i think i can understand because there r lots of worlds but still. All questions should be posted in the stickied Weekly Questions Thread.

The one without the sex scenes of course – it’s not like I’m interested in those anyway.