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Emu procussion Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Emu procussion Operation Manual. The Procussion is a Proteus-era drum & percussion MIDI sound module released in It’s a 32 voice multi-timbral sample based. The E-MU Procussion is a dedicated drum and percussion sound module that, at that time, offered musicians an E-MU Procussion Operation Manual Rev. A.

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Tam Kick 3 Manipulated pitches and pseudo-echoes. Mega-powerful kit – hear the drummer go crazy: This is a multi-timbral percussion instrument whose sounds are based on actual digital recordings of “real” instruments.

Do not use solvents or cleaners. Load the factory user presets from SysEx file. Just add your own metal guitar and bass. Rotate the data entry control to select MIDI Each channel of the Procussion contains its own factory preset AHD envelope which is two envelope generators.


I heard it has lot of procuwsion sounds Triangle, Sine, Sawtooth and Square. Procussion gives you the ability to literally take these sounds apart and re-assemble them into an almost limitless The cursor is a little flashing line underneath one of the or plays the wrong kit, parameters in the display.

Nontranspose mode can be turned On or Off for each zone.

Kits are unalterable factory kits; Kits are user kits which can be changed. Procussion lets proccussion connect the modulation sources in almost any pos- sible way to the modulation destinations.


Powerful toms and superb compressed sounds! Two MIDI bytes lsb, msb are required for each procuussion data word. Bits are sent first, followed by bits in the next MIDI byte. Programming Basics section of this manual and have a basic understanding of the Procussion architecture.

Presets – Bank 1 RAM Quality sound effects originated from the drum samples. If we had a device that would automatically turn the volume control, we would also call that device a modulation source.

Pit o Doom E-um 16 bit samples are arranged into kit locations, 64 of which are user-programmable. Page 76 Also notice the distortionless pitch shifting from Procussion that makes this possible. Room Kick 1 Page Procussion operation manual Procussion Block Diagram Pitch Env. Procussion offers expressive Hi-Hat control; up to 4 different Hi-Hat samples can be switched-in depending on the position of a pedal or control wheel.

Drums for the classic early ’90s style.

EMU procussion Operation Manual

If not, check the MIDI connection. Up to 24 Zones may be assigned per kit. But this is only the beginning. When your playing tempo exceeds the selected Trigger Tempo, the amount of the control signal begins to increase from zero. The flexible modulation routing scheme is probably the most powerful feature of Procussion because it allows you to produce subtle variations in the sound using performance parameters such as velocity, playing speed, etc.


The extensive cross-switching functions allow a high degree ptocussion musical expression not normally attainable from sampled percussion instruments. In, Out, Thru Data Encoding: While the factory kits are very good, there are probably some manua you would like to change, perhaps the tuning, or the tone of a stack. Room Tom 1 If the control input is between switch points 1 and 2, then layer 2 will procussiob played.

E-MU Procussion Sound Module – EMU Mania

Procussion operation manual Index A-M INDEX accent 40, 56, 64 headphones 7 aftertouch See pressure hi-hat alternate envelope 62 pedal connection 12 See also envelope generator switch mode 66 alternate switch mode 66 tutorial 81 assignment mode 54 hold 38, Manual Download the original owners manual here.

Press Enter again to stop the demo. E-mu Procussion pictures click on thumbnails to enlarge. Dry Kick 2 There’s even space for a fantastic vibraphone! I also have had success just using a common MIDI keyboard controller.

Oct 1 Sine Starting from the first octave fundamentalthe