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Gods of the Ancient Northmen by GEORGES DUMEZIL edited by EINAR The Drama of the World: Haider, Hoder, Loki 43 Translated by 71 lan l oth,\. Results 1 – 27 of 27 Loki. by Dumézil, Georges and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Title, Loki. Author, Dumezil. Publisher, University of Chicago Press, ISBN, , Export Citation, BiBTeX.

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Full text of “Georges Dumezil Gods Of The Ancient Northmen University Of California Press ( )”

No text provides a general and differentiating definition of the two divine groups. There are giants and dwarfs; there are black men and many kinds of strange tribes.

Ellis Davidson, Scandinavian Mythology Lon- don, He endowed ethical concepts such as honor with magical force, thereby introducing a strict creed of predestination which led to the widely accepted notion of “gcrmanischer Schicksalsglaube. That place is now called 6diinscy [6thin’s Island], on the island of Funen. A fuller discussion of this can be found in Dumezfl, Aspects, and idem, Aspckte der Kricgerfunktion bei den Indogermanen, trans.

Specifically, Dumdzil has found myth in the guise of history in the first chapters of Snorri’s Ynglingasaga and in numerous passages scattered throughout the first several books of Saxo’s Gesta Danorum.

Loki – Dumezil – Google Books

How does this crisis turn out? While Indra, being a god, is allowed to be purified of his crimes, Starcatherus’ heroic counter- part Herakles must share the Norse hero’s fate by putting a volun- tary end to his mortal existence. Further, it has been noted that while the name of the Msir is to be found else- where, that of the Vanir is found nowhere outside of Scandinavia, and finally that the oldest archaeological material in Scandinavia seems to show that the god of the hammer and the ithyphallic god preceded the Indo-European invasion.

Max marked it as to-read Jun 27, Similar to Frotho’s gestatio is Frey’s burial within a mound that becomes his habitat. In this capital the chieftain ruled whose name was Othin. Significant is the presence of struc- tural parallels and the lack of etymological parallels, for the presence of the latter might weaken the argument for inheritance and strength- en the argument for borrowing.

This river divides the three continents. The edition is still an “interpretation comparative,” but here again the focus is achieving a better understanding of Germanic tradition qua Germanic, where the Indo-European heri- tage has undergone certain unique alterations. It may dumeziil preferable to involve a certain amount of spurious traditions in our investigations to preclude the wasting of the slightest piece of useful evidence.

It happens that die problems dimezil the iEsir and the Vanir are of the kind that lend themselves to such a method. When this force proves to be excessive for the conditons of this world— for good or for evil— the person thus made is then killed and divided into three or four intoxicating parts that cither aid or threaten man.


Dumezil in fact extended the area of his search to include folklore, literature, and early “history. Indeed, as Dumdzil has demonstrated, the Indo-European warrior figure typically commits three acts that run counter to the three ideological principles.

Dumezil’s first attempts e.

Georges Dumézil

Introduction xvii European-speaking domain, 25 or that communities far removed from that domain may not be possessed of a tripartite ideology predicated upon another or indeed similar set of structural principles. Research along these lines was also carried on by Wilhclm Mann- hardt.

Sameer marked it as to-read Aug 24, Xsir and Vanir ‘9 One can not argue on this point from the silence of the Goths: Moreover he may have had access 10 far better and richer sources of old lore than is possible for us. The best ex- amples of this theme arc found in the Roman account of the Sabine War-which, like most of early Roman “history,” is but historicized myth-and the Norse myth of the conflict between the iEsir Odin, Tyr, Thor, et al.

The third is Fricco. Philippson further objects that the Vanir gods Njord dumzil Frey do not form a dioscuric pair engaged in the rescue and wooing of the sun maiden.

The considerable remainder of religious representa- tions, especially of a god as problematic as Heimdall and the whole band of goddesses beside Freya, could not find space in this limited enterprise. Four strophes from that breathless poem, the Vgluspd, in which the sibyl relates quite allusive- ly the entire history of the gods; two texts of the erudite Snorri; and finally an unadroit plagiarism by his contemporary Saxo Grammati- cus— these inform us of this initial crisis of the gods, which is presup- posed also in several passages from other Eddie poems.

It was not under just any circumstance, nor without design, that this man-drink was created. Such is the story to dumexil read in the third book fumezil the Mahabharata, sections The common Indo-European ideology, dumexil ultimately from one characteristic of the Dumezkl community, was com- posed of three fundamental principles: Finally, it should be pointed out that there are divinities in most 13 Ibid.

Gods of the Ancient Northmen three recipients, served to make another drink, more durable in that it still inebriates Odin, poets, and visionaries. He is considered one of the major contributors to mythography, in particular for his formulation of the trifunctional hypothesis of social class in ancient societies.

Inhe took another position, dumeziil UppsalaSwedenwhich allowed him to improve his skills in the Germanic stock of Indo-European. He is considered one of the major contributors to mythographyin particular for his formulation of the trifunctional hypothesis of social class in ancient societies.


Odin, Thor, Frey occasionally, in die third position, Frey and Njord; more rarely the god Frey dumdzil his place to the goddess Freya. Further, Odin throws his spear in a gesture that the dummezil know well, where it regularly has the effect of throwing the enemy army into a fatal panic. Together they stood at the apex of the supernatural system, just as the priests were at the top of the social hierarchy.

Thus there is no reason to maintain that these features belong to a pre-Indo-European stra- tum of Germanic society. In the majority of cases the principal occupants of this third divine stratum were conceived as a pair of closely related kins- men, the most usual relationship being that of a set of twins 7 e.

But the correspondences between Snorri and dumzeil Mahabharata do not stop there. The name Kvasir in this legend lias long been interpreted: In this temple, entirely covered with gold, there are the statues of three gods, which die people worship, so arranged that the mightiest of them, Thor, occupies a throne in die middle of dumezio chamber, while Wodan and Fricco have places on cither side.

It proposes a solution of “the problem of Balder” which was not made precise until For some com- ments on Dumczil’s conceptions see my article, “The mythical struc- ture of the ancient Scandinavians: But we do believe that the duality of the ,Esir and the Vanir is not a reflection of these events, nor an effect of that evolution. To the number of the Gods they admit only those whom they sec and whose good deeds they enjoy, the Sun, Vulcan, and the Moon; they have not even heard the others spoken of.

Sisupala replaces the god Indra who had served as the tertium com- parationis in the earlier studies and thus allows Dumezil to compare 58 Georges Dumezil, “H0therus et Balderus. Tacitus calls her Isis; there is no reason especially that which he gives: The main contention of the historical-evolutionist school is based on the Darwinian premise that higher and more complex dumfzil of life necessarily evolve from lower and less complex forms.

At a very early stage I had understood that the only means of obtaining this solidarity, if it can duumezil obtained, was to change one’s viewpoint, to join those whom one had to convince.