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Read professional movie scripts and screenplays. Doctor Zhivago – September shooting script script by Robert Bolt – hosted by: Daily. Doctor Zhivago;: The screenplay [Robert Bolt] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Doctor Zhivago The Screenplay. Doctor Zhivago: The Screenplay. Front Cover. Robert Bolt. Random House, – Motion picture plays Bibliographic information. QR code for Doctor Zhivago.

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Comrade General, my father wasn’t a poet. So, are you coming with me?

Well, I’m nobody’s idea of an uncle. As Komarovsky, Rod Steiger a late replacement for James Mason steals every scene that he is in, clearly revelling in playing such a morally varied and ambiguous character, one that perhaps even achieves a kind of nobility by the end. He wants to see life.

Civil war has started. How do you propose to live? Stick together and we’ll be all right. I’ve seen you before, Commander. Well, what else could I have told him? Wherever there is one resentful bourgeois, one unreliable schoolmaster What are they like, these girls?

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I dld admlre hlm, but I dldn’t thlnk he was a better man. That young man, who took you away– My husband.

Is Tonya with you? I sent for you, Comrade.

So I told hlm that. Thanks for your vote! I’m carrying Yuri’s child.

Doctor Zhivago Movie Script

Yes, I remember my mother. It is so stupid of me! He’s been a good medical officer. Oh, the stove works. But you liked your mother?

It seems you burned the wrong village. Do dochor know where we’re going? I pulled it out of a fence. For educational and research purposes only. What will you do? Fit as a fiddle. Not pure, but alive.

I just want you to get her out! How’s the Foie de Veau, Gascoigne? Why, what is it, typhus? And so we parted. I came from Moscow.

Doctor Zhivago () Movie Script | SS

One is bad farewell. What is it, Petya? Well, that’s good news. You’ve had a shock.

Doctor Zhivago (1965) Movie Script

The Party looked to the conscrlpt peasants Merry Christmas, Yuri Andreyevich. Yes, why don’t you, my boy? Starving women asking for bread. Pavel Pavlovich, my chief impression is, and I mean no offense A little light wine, yes. Well, your mother was an artist, Yuri. Sorry, not enough room. You see, you’ll always come scteenplay.


You’re my political conscience. You perhaps may not credit this I am familiar with things that you can hardly guess at.