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Hello, Im french, sorry for my bad english. I whant à auto-generate thumb for my PDF I have à wrong message! Error it’s attachments. Bye. DOCman manages downloadable documents in Joomla. Organize files across Automated thumbnail generation for uploaded files. Every image file will get a. To use DOCman List you would have to type in {docmanlist. of your categories don’t have any documents in them, then you can hide the empty ones automatically . Description: This will allow you to customize the Thumbnail column label.

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Highlights added in the workflow screen before the update to Number words of description to be shown: From a space of disk point of view, the documents were ten times the size of what they were in previous versions. When adding documents in this way, it was also adding an EDT tag to the document containing no patient information. An enabling change has been made for Hub collections. An issue has been resolved that was occurring with highlights when updating to Number columns in Column layout.


This configure option will not apply to Simple Upload form Show Meta keyword, description fields: An issue was discovered in which the Notes field in the meta data would not be carried over to the Notes field in Docman.

The status can be one of the four values: An issue has been resolved which meant the clinical API was not machine specific, therefore when turning debug on, it would log any activity regardless of which workstation it was, which meant that the log would not make any sense.

The user will be notified via a system notification in Docman. A change has been made within Docman Workflow where the overall status of the workflow will be displayed as a percentage complete in the information pane of the activity panel. An issue was identified when scanning into Docman using a Ricoh scanner.

Do you want to show Alias field in Document Upload form at front-end side? How many related documents that you want to show in document details page. Max Upload File Size: An issue has been resolved which meant that as of the brightness and contrast settings in the scanner layout were defaulted to a autl of 1.


Please note that your documents can be stored outside the root of your site. An issue has been resolved that affected the editing of existing user accounts to associate a Clinical User. A customer requested that we show the reporting reason, medication change and urgent action flags if present.

Select Yes if you want docmsn use Default License for all documents uploaded at Front-end.

Show default category thumbnail: Default style of layout Default: An error was identified when attempting to scan colour documents using Remotescan. The annotation would rotate with no problem; however, once the document was saved the annotation would completely disappear.

You can enter extensions of files that will be used in Edocman system. This was only the case if the document was annotated in batch manager first. An issue has been resolved that was occurring if a document had been stamped in the Batch Manager in a previous version of Docman, it could not then be viewed in either Workflow or Document Viewer.

Passwords are now required to be between eight and thirty characters long and must include the following requirements:. Number documents per page. This error is no longer received and the document is successfully deleted.

An issue has been fixed where when viewing an Excel document in Library, it was not displaying the sheet tabs, and thus the user could only view the sheet that was viewed when the Excel document was last saved. If the user summarised the document before the background filing process got around to filing the same document, the summariser would mark the document as already filed to the clinical system.

A customer requested that we introduce support for dual monitors.

When a user assigns another user to a Todo List who is not already a participant in the discussion, they will be asked if they would like to add them to the discussion as well.

This is now fixed. Do autl want to show related documents in document details page. Do you want to show Meta keyword, description fields in Document Upload form at front-end side?


Do you want to show File Type in Document details page. This was happening upon the initial loading of the workflow screen. It is no longer possible for users to close the Scheduler using the ‘x’ button.

Configuration | Edocman Documentation

Enter number words of document short description you want to show in Documents listing, leave zero 0 if you want to show all short description. An issue has been resolved which was occurring when in Workflow. Select Yes if you want user need to enter only their Name and Email to download document one time per session.

This was the same for when the user tried to use stamps after using the Eraser Tool. The change of route will be audited. Users also have the ability to delete multiple documents at once but they will need to be for the same reason. Show default document thumbnail: We have fixed an issue in bulk re-routing where if the workflow was broadcast it would not complete it for the user that you were bulk re-routing from.

List and Grid, please select default style that will shown first. If you select Yes, the Document details will be shown in the Popup. The user was able to add a new annotation without any rocman but the list of annotations was not updated to include the new one. Unhandled exception in CheckInteropVersion: If set to Yes, when a xocman deleted, the file associated to that document will be deleted as well.

All annotations to the document will be made to a temporary copy and an audit trail of the revision will be written containing the workflow ID and active route ID. An issue has been resolved which was causing Intellisense to not recognise keywords within phrases.