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Standard DIN EN Structural steel equal and unequal leg angles – Part 1: Dimensions; German version EN German. Draft standard [WITHDRAWN] DIN EN – Draft. Structural steel equal and unequal leg angles – Part 1: Dimensions; German and . Find the most up-to-date version of DIN EN at Engineering

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Drag a copy into the graphics window. Right-click the front face of the component. HD – European wide flange columns have parallel flange surfaces and depth mm.

As the voice of the U. On the Component panel, click the arrow below Place. Right-click DIN A. Click to place one nut.

Sketch and constrain three points as shown.

They are often used to carry tension loads and can be bolted or welded to other members. Do not save changes. Repeat the workflow eh this section of the exercise to complete the assembly using the second set of Content Center components. Click to place one bolt. Subscription pricing is determined by: C-profiles channels CH – Taper flange channels have a slope on the inner flange surfaces.


The bolt, washer, and nut you added to Favorites are displayed.

Fn to place one washer. Assemble a nut onto the bolt using an insert constraint as shown. It is important that you do not save the part into the default Content Center library location; if you do, it will become a library part and you will not be able to edit it. S- Standard beams, have 1: On the Modify panel, click Hole.

PFC- Parallel flange channels have parallel inner flange surfaces. Click Place from Content Center. Zoom in on the first set of components. This standard is also available to be included in Standards Subscriptions.

-Structures Office

J – Joists I-shaped beams have a slope on the eb flange surfaces. CHS – Hot finished circular hollow section. If the document is revised or amended, you will be notified by email.

On the Draw panel, click Point. Position the component in the assembly using the Move and Rotate tools so it is approximately positioned as shown.


Various Materials for Multiple Standards

Select the center of the hole. Click Cancel to close the Place from Content Center dialog box. HP – European wide flange bearing piles have parallel flange surfaces and equal web and flange thicknesses, depth mm.

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Stainless steel – Bars

Create three 17 mm diameter holes using a Through All termination. Select Lxx8 from the Section Designation list. In the browser, double-click DIN A. Drag and drop the selected components from the browser into the assembly.