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Fueled by the music of revolution, anger, fear, and despair, we dyed our hair or shaved our heads Eating acid like it was candy and chasing speed with cheap . Dharma Punx [Noah Levine] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fueled by the music of revolution, anger, fear, and despair, we dyed our hair. Dharma Punx has ratings and reviews. Laura said: It’s hard to read a memoir when halfway through you decide the author is a message.

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I get it, but at the same time I was a little put off levkne he and his friends seemed to swap faiths and deities like they were leather jackets. This book is just barely okay. It is only through one’s own efforts to turn toward life on its own terms and to develop a wiser relationship to what’s there through mindfulness and compassion that make freedom from addictive patterns possible. The book emphasizes the importance of going “against the stream,” and so I find it deeply suspicious that punk rock as a whole is simply taken for granted as being individualistic and counter-culture supportive.

I liked it and if anything else it made me dive deeper into doing my own research on Against the Stream and trying to make sense of it all on my own. Dec 23, Max rated it did not like it.

Goodreads helps you follow your favorite authors. All Quotes Add A Quote. Though he at first resisted the spiritual elements of recovery, trying to just ween himself from drugs and alcohol without the religious trappings, his relapses and frustrations push him toward spirituality, particularly Buddhism, as a way of living a better life. He has helped found several groups and projects including the Mind Body Awareness Project], a non-profit organization that serves incarcerated youths.

In we opened the San Francisco Center and it is thriving thanks to a vibrant community. My sobriety has been sustained by facing life, processing grief, healing family relationships, accepting radically the fact of social oppression, working with my abandonment conditioning, coming into community, renegotiating trauma, making drastic diet and lifestyle changes, forgiving, and practicing mindfulness, to name just a few.

Levine writes very honestly or at least with a willingness to talk about noa faults about his life, giving us all the raw details, the good and the bad. Irresponsible because it doesn’t encourage people to turn toward and heal the actual underlying causes of their abuse of substances. At this point the book becomes pretty much exclusively a list of countries and dhaema that the author visited—dropping names of the I gave up on this book last night.


Return to Book Page. Talk about your disappointments.

About Us – Against the Stream

Until I got to about page It reads like a shitty romance novel, total brain candy. If you’re looking to learn about Buddhism or punk rock, this is not the place to start. This book was so obnoxious. I was on page vharma This alone—a lack of openness to the love shown to us—is a way that we cause harm to our loved ones.

It actually alleviates the amount of suffering in the world. I really wanted to love this one. Finally read this one after maybe 15 years of meaning to get around to it. View all 4 comments. But the search didn’t end there. Levihe rebellion against a broken home and an unavailable father led him to punk rock and to subst When I first read this book eight or nine years agoI loved it so much.

Levine is someone I personally admire as I have followed him for a dharmw years now. When we meet a character near the end of the book, for example, a recovering alcoholic who had been a biker gang leader and a kind of street-life mentor during Noah’s teen years, the narrative niah us that pux felt happy and awed to see how much his life had changed. How do you worship Black Flag and the Clash and manage to avoid discussing politics?!

Instead I found myself reading a memoir of a self-important guru-type. Because it seems hard to deny that a lot of the problems he had growing up were products of that unstable environment.

Many things in this book left me seething, the worst of which was his stories of traveling with his Australian friend. Noag, and interesting re-read, but it ended up coming down in my personal ratings. I also enjoyed and was even slightly inspired by the transformation that he found with his spirituality.

Ironically enough, one of his first teachers who did not align himself with any particular religion, though drawing heavily from Eastern ones ended up getting married to a woman breaking a vow of celibacy who caused much pain and suffering to his disciples, manipulating him into being a power-hungry guru.


In another duarma anecdote, he then goes into being five years old, holding a knife to his stomach and wanting to die while his mother and stepfather scream at each other. Feb 15, Tim Harrison rated it it was ok. I have not struggled with drugs and alcoholism, but I did grow up with many of the same attitudes and interests as the author and it was nice to read about someone who shares a few outlooks as I do.

I’ve seen Noah interviewed and watched videos of him speaking, so I know that he is an intelligent person who is a good public speaker and who has some sound ideas. What were wonce the creation myths of ancient cultures, have become doctrines of oppression.


When I first read this book eight or nine years agoI loved it so much. Getting through the whole thing was a slog.

There are, as Levine points out, many differences between the two, but they s There are many books available about Buddhism, from all the various schools–Theravada, Zen, Nichiren, Vietnamese, Tibetan.

Yet in a way that feels frightened and deliberate the narrative refuses to broach this difficult topic: Fueled by his anger and so much injustice and suffering, Levine now uses that energy and the practice of Buddhism to awaken his natural wisdom and compassion.

To ask other readers questions about Dharma Punxplease sign up. But having Doc Martens and tattoos while attempting to meditate but having difficulties because you’re so angry at all of the hippies in the room hardly constitutes success. I am happy that Noah Levine eventually found his way- but what a pompous ass while doing so.

Meanwhile dharna rest of us have to actually work for a living. And, come to thing about it, it is not such an unusual story after all – many of us can relate to his search, quite a few of us traveled to Asian monasteries in search of the Truth.