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Among the ameloblastomas, the desmoplastic variation is rare. The desmoplastic ameloblastoma (DA) is characterized by specific clinical, imaging, and. Desmoplastic ameloblastoma (DA) is a rare variant of ameloblastoma, and less than patients have been reported in the literature. The present case. Desmoplastic Ameloblastoma is a rare variant of ameloblastoma. 90 cases of desmoplastic ameloblastoma have been reported so far in literature. We are.

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Clinically, this tumor has a predilection for occurrence in the anterior or premolar region of the maxilla or the mandible. Desmoplastic ameloblastoma – a report of two clinical cases.

Case Reports in Pathology

How to cite this article: The desmo- and osteoplastic ameloblastoma: Analysis of 17 Nigerian cases. Prominent osteoplasia within the tumor tissue seen in our case has been reported only in eight other cases of DA so far.

The desmo- and osteoplastic ameloblastoma. Its aggressive nature might be due to its potential to grow to a large size; the fact that it commonly arises in the maxilla, leading to the early invasion of adjacent structures; its diffuse radiographic appearance; and the frequent histological detection of bone invasion ameloblxstoma 26 ]. Whether the recurrence is due to the nature of the tumor or due to the incomplete surgery remains speculative.


Peripheral soft tissue variantUnicystic variant.

Desmoplastic ameloblastoma

Case Reports in Pathology. Oral and maxillofacial pathology. This implies that the majority of conventional ameloblastomas are actually desmoplastic variants. View at Google Scholar H. Some of the islands showed cystic degeneration [ Figure 2 ]. Hybrid ameloblastoma lesions were first described by Waldron and El-Mofty [ 13 ] as a tumor variant in which areas of follicular and plexiform ameloblastoma coexist with areas that are characteristic of DA.

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They speculated that secondary desmoplastic changes occur in the stroma of conventional ameloblastoma or areas of primary DA transform into a conventional ameloblastoma. Pathology of the desmoplastic ameloblastoma.

Buccolingual expansion of the maxillary process was evident. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

Epithelial differentiation tonofilaments, complex desmosomes. A desoplastic maxillectomy for tumor resection was performed under general anesthesia and a transitional maxillofacial prosthesis was placed. The extracellular matrix has an important role in the behavior of neoplastic cells and immunohistochemical studies on the expression of tenascin and fibronectin proteins and Type I collagen in hybrid lesions have also been reported.

Immunohistochemical demonstration of keratin in ameloblastoma as an indication of tumor differentiation.


Desmoplastic Ameloblastoma: A Case Report

Ameloblasyoma ameloblastoma a hybrid variant: Ameloblastomas with pronounced desmoplasia. The columnar cells with reversed nuclear polarity are rarely conspicuous. Histologically, the tumor might be misdiagnosed as another odontogenic tumor, as the characteristic palisading layer of ameloblastoma may not be present in all the epithelial clusters, particularly if the biopsy specimen is small.

Sign up for our Email Newsletters. Yoshimma Y, Saito H: Support Center Support Center. Electric pulp vitality testing revealed that all the teeth in the vicinity were vital except the left upper lateral incisor. Some current concepts on the pathology of ameloblastomas. The definite diagnosis requires histopathological examination. J Am Dent Assoc.

Odontogenic fibroma is much less aggressive and enucleation is probably curative. Columnar cells surrounding stellate reticulum.

Since then, there had been gradual increase in the size of swelling to its present size. We presented a case of hybrid ameloblastoma and reviewed the 36 reported cases of hybrid ameloblastoma that have been reported in the English literature.