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Descorchados Photo Gallery. Great scores for Siegel Wines. 92 points for Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon , 91 points for Gran. Once again Odfjell has obtained outstanding scores in the chilean wine guide Descorchados. ALIARA ? 93 PTS. ORZADA CARIGAN ? 92 PTS. Unfortunately our deadline for Descorchados did not allow us to include some of the remarkable examples of nonambitious malbec that are brimming with .

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Taste it before it finishes!! Culture Trip Top 5 wines to try from Chile The Culture Trip gives you personalized content and recommendations, wherever you are, wherever you go! Book a meeting at karteaga lomalarga.

Viña San Pedro

Among the Single Vineyard range, the highest score was given to the Sauvignon Blanc from Leyda Valleywith 94 points. Today his own web site singled out our vineyard giving us excellent scores — 91 points for Loma Larga Cabernet Franc Just got awarded 95 points from the Decanter jury. Come and visit our vineyard and share our passion for winemaking, nature, the outdoors and discover why we are leaders in producing superior cool climate red wines.

The guide descrchados be released for sale in late November.

Susana Balbo Wines

Check out the other 4 wines they have spotted: A special blend with cabernet franc, merlot, Malbec and some fresh Syrah too!

Tweets por el LomaLargaWines. In May he visited several vineyards and conversed with their respective oenologists tasting close to wines in 201 single week. The Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon received 90 points. He is a former editor of Wine Spectator, a magazine for which he tasted and reviewed wines a year for 30 years. In the other hand, Limited Edition range was evaluated with 93 points for its Syrah from Elqui Valley and for the Blend from Cachapoal Valley.


Do you have legal age in your country of residence to drink alcohol?

For this edition, almost 1, wines from wineries throughout Chile were tasted. Relive Terrua on Channel 13C 12 October, Happy Wine Wednesday IspeakWine. Welcome To enter the site must be legal age for drinking alcohol.

Accompany us on a ride through the vineyard and learn the secrets behind the creation of our wines. Currently, the publication is also distributed in Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, and Uruguay, and has become a point of reference for South American wines.

We are very happy and grateful and we would like to share it with all of you! The team from Culture Trip has annouced they pick of must try wines from Chile, and our Rapsodia made their cut!

dazzles in Descorchados guide « Viña San Pedro

Descorchsdos Trip Top 5 wines to try from Chile. Good body, round tannins and a fruity aftertaste. In addition to each of these scores, you can not miss the opportunity to taste the following categories we got! Those present enjoyed a warm day at the vineyard whilst sharing a passion for creating superior wines that faithfully reproduce the traditional qualities of this unique terroir.

We can talk all day about this smooth and lovely composition of three red varieties but nothing is better than other people enjoying the notes we have put together! James Suckling, one of the most prestigious and influential wine critics in the world, visited and tasted our wines on his last trip to Chile, and had nothing but praise for all the hard work and progress made in our country.


The guide will make its debut next year in Mexico and the United States. Quinteto with a GOLD flavor! Our Lomas del Valle red blend: The results have been announced for the fourteenth edition of the acclaimed wine guide Descorchadosproduced by renowned wine journalist, Patricio Tapia.

Relive with us, Maria Gracia Subercaseaux and her Terrua team, a spectacular helicopter flight over our vineyards and cellar. Loma Larga Vineyards is celebrating new and exciting awards of the prestigious International Wine Enthusiast magazine and South America wine guide Descorchados. The Culture Trip gives you personalized content and recommendations, wherever you are, wherever you go!

James Suckling in Chile 12 October, Descorchados is a guide that offers a complete overview of the wine industry in Chile and its trends. Just in a few days we will be waiting for you at ProWein. Guests were first captivated with the cocktail and country lunch cooked and served in the most faithful creole fashion.