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Der Schlumpf Katalog and pictures. Displayed here are Der Schlumpf Katalog IV and Der Schlumpf Katalog SMURFS – DER SCHLUMPF KATALOG IV Catalogue in GERMAN on Smurfs varieties and value. Since there is not a lot of text in the catalog, it is very. Der Schlumpf Katalog 4. 2 likes. Book. Der Schlumpf Katalog 4. Book. 2 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for Facebook to get started.

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On the Toydreamer website it has been given the name of Rock n Roll. Scot was first produced by Bully back in Yeah that and the coooooooooooooool weather Dyar. I have often wondered why this was the case, because Fisherman was. Perhaps it was meant to be used as a promotional smurf?

It was only ever sold as an orange pedestal with Congratulations imprinted on it. This is representing a shoelace. If you do get stuck, Katalo at Mushroom Village has great translations – Translations.

Smurf Figures Archives – Page 2 of 16 – Smurfs

In the beginning it was produced with a small leg stance though overtime the leg stance became wider. Recently I acquired a Smurf in Bed with a white mattress. By most collectors, both Baseball Catcher and Baseball Pitcher are considered rare, especially outside the United States.


I wonder what name you could call the cafe? I saw kitty’s link here on ebay: French Fries scglumpf was also made out of China.

Oswald – Der Schlumpf Katalog IV

There are two different marking versions that can be kaalog with this new stop sign. I wonder what name you could call the cafe?

Kata,og only bought this particular guide earlier this year would you believe? I am unsure of the original origins of this one, though most likely made in Europe. Later this was changed so the mushrooms were painted red with white spots.

Bowler smurf is kagalog of only a few smurfs that were made without W. The next one produced was Head Chef made by Bully in The markings can be found underneath the base and on the figurine. It is also a good one to display especially if you have a few of them. With Cook it is possible to find this with no markings.

In the early s new child safety laws forced the discontinuation of many smurf figurines which included a seperate or removable parts. Her golden blonde hair are in pigtails with a red ribbon. It’s taken a bit of effort but I am now actually enjoying the challenge and this will be so crucial when it comes to hunting down different variations.


With the Chef made out of Hong Kong it can be possible to find this with markings on the back or under the feet. From dark shiny brown to more of a dark olive brown.

20168 Skipping Smurfette

So quite possible it was also in other countries apart from the USA. When Schleich first produced the smurf was made out of a red pvc material, and the mushrooms on the bed-frame were unpainted. I will now move on to the Super Smurfs and then the promos. It is thought that lion taming has been around since the early part of the 19th century.

Patrol Crossing Smurf Archives – Smurfs

In the smurfs with a blue paint dot were painted with a high gloss shiny blue colour. Sometimes the Schleich version can be found with five black spots on his lion-cloth.

It appears very little changes were made to the figurine, just little variances in the paintwork depending where it was painted.