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Decreto núm. . , por el que se adoptan disposiciones sobre la fiscalización sanitaria de las condiciones Adoption: | BRAR- Dictado de conformidad con el real decreto de 3 julio Costa Rica . , por el que se adoptan disposiciones sobre la fiscalización sanitaria de las. DOHA, Qatar – 29 October Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark lies on the floor court in pain from severe crippling leg cramps on the third set day 3 of the.

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Health Omnibus Programs Extension of Only applies to claims to part-time voluntary early retirement made before 1 April The objective of this Act is to ensure quality health care and patient safety by identifying requirements for education, skills and practices of health care workers. Order of the Minister of Health and Social Welfare concerning professional accountability of nurses and mid-wives Text No.

Includes decteto pentaining to registration, training, certification and discipline. Portugal – Nursing personnel – Law, Act. Provides for the registration and enrolment of nurses, the practice of nursing and the education of nurses. An Act to amend and consolidate the law relating to registration and enrolment for the nursing profession and to the practice of that profession, and to provide for matters connected therewith and incidental thereto [establishes a Nursing Council to maintain and improve the standards and safeguard the interests of the nursing profession; provides for the keeping of a register of nurses, disciplinary measures in the event of abuses and appeals].

Nursing Council Act No. The right defreto document the incapacity.

Nurses and Midwives Act Act of 25th September on physiotherapist profession Text No. Part 4 amends National Health Act rules relating to, inter alia, certificates in respect of professional attention, determination of amount of 11976, and reinsurance account in health benefits fund.

It contains detailed provisions concerning contributions of benefits, retirement age, assessment of disability, disability benefit, survivors’ benefit and deccreto age benefit. National Education Policy Act No. The Decree also sets the specific duties of this Committee, including, inter alia, going through the different medical license applications and deciding what applications to approve according to the different guidelines provided.


Argentina: Buenos Aires

Provides for the provisions of pensions for nurses appointed by the Overseas Nursing Association. Criteria for the recognition and evaluation of qualifications for employment in education based on the Norms and Standards for Educators, G.

Comprehensive legislation on the training of nurses. Right of professional practice. Decree of 5 Octobercontaining rules with regard to the education and expertise of caregivers in the field of individual health care. Homemakers and Nurses Services Act, R.

France – Nursing personnel – Law, Act. Nursing Amendment Act Regulation of the Minister of Health of 24 August on the adaptation period for foreigners applying for the right to exercise as a nurse or midwife Text No.

Ustawa z dnia 1 lipca r. Act to prolong or renew collective and other agreements respecting nurses, health assistants, health visitors, hospital laboratory assistants, etc. Provides for matters concerning the appointment of the Centres and the establishment of their working plans. Consolidates text from to The Act announces the expiration of the Healthcare employees Cooperation Fund which was established in Provides for the establishment and constitution of a professional board for the nursing and midwifery professions, the registration, enrolment, training and qualifications of members of the profession and for related matters.

Costa Rica – Nursing personnel – Law, Act. Replaces paragraph 5 c concerning the working hours of room assistants. The Act is a consolidation of Act No.

decreto 77052 de 1976 pdf to word

Current three nursing degree are to be replaced with five degrees decretk nursing degrees depending on the health condition. Contains provisions concerning the registration of health care personnel, job requirements of nurses, doctors, pharmacists, psychologists, psychotherapists, physiotherapists and midwives.

Permission to hold the professional title Section 2. Portugal – Nursing personnel – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance.


Provides that specified national hospitals shall be considered as special cases with regard to the application of the Law to Promote the Obtention of Competent Persons as Nurses. Makes provision for a diploma in general nursing, recognition of nurses’ training schools, training to be at nurses’ training schools, period of training, recognition of previous training outside Zimbabwe, instruction of student nurses, conduct during training, assessments and clinical practice during training, final examinations, the granting of diplomas in general nursing, and some related matters.

Specifies the hospitals for which those responsible for promoting the obtention of nurses shall be appointed. Poland – Nursing personnel – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance Order of 21 December of the Minister of Health concerning modalities of setting of minimum standards of employment of nurses and mid-wives in health care institutions Text No. Derceto 18 of Act re prolong or renew collective and other agreements respecting nurses, health assistants, health visitors, hospital laboratory assistants, etc.

Branch Council Chapter X: An Act to establish the Seychelles Nurses and Midwives Council; to make provision for the registration of nurses and midwives, for their training, qualification and disciplinary control; to repeal the Midwives Act and the Nurses Registration Act. The purpose of the Law is to promote the improvement of national health care and medical treatment by taking measures to obtain skilled nurses taking into account the rapid increase in the number of elderly people, and changing circumstances with regard to health care and medical treatment.

Provisions concerning educational qualifications and the rights and duties of nursing assistants. Makes 77052 for professional duties of nurses and other medical personnel.

Appendix contains programme details and model forms and certificates.