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Fri, 12 Oct GMT death of a dictator bloody pdf – Death of a. Dictator Bloody Vengeance in Sirte morning after his capture and death, Oct 21 . A new Human Rights Watch report suggests opposition militias summarily executed at least 66 captured members of Gaddafi’s convoy in the late dictator’s. Title: Death of a Dictator – Bloody Vengeance in Sirte. Date: Organization: Human Rights Watch. Abbr. Org.: HRW. Section: North America. Document type: .

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Some of the men had their hands tied behind their backs with rope or plastic ties. We were often hit by the revolutionaries in the houses we were staying in, by mortars and Grad missiles, direct impacts on the houses we were staying in. On the morning following the final battle, the bodies of at least 66 apparent execution victims were found at the nearby Mahari Hotel, located just a few hundred meters north of the site where militiamen had captured Muammar Gaddafi.

Human Rights Watch and the New York Times located him in a detention facility in Misrata two days after the fighting that left Muammar Gaddafi dead, and were allowed to interview him at length in a private setting.

Death Of A Dictator Bloody Vengeance In Sirte ยท The42

ReliefWeb has been the leading online source for reliable and timely humanitarian information on global crises and dictatorr since Mutassim Gaddafi was dead by the afternoon of October 20, just hours after his capture. Absent a complete autopsy report, it is not possible to establish the cause of death for Muammar and Mutassim Gaddafi with certitude, as both had sustained serious wounds from the final battle, and the forensic evidence that they were executed later is inconclusive.

The NATO airstrike on the convoy appeared to have killed at least half of them. RSS feeds available here: Please log in with facebook to become a fan.

At the same meeting, the Misrata chief prosecutor told Human Rights Watch that the investigation into the killings at the Mahari Hotel had stalled because no nloody had brought a complaint to his attention, and no primary evidence had been collected suggesting a crime had been committed.


Hundreds of individual militias sprung up to fight against Gaddafi, organized around informal networks such as individual towns, companies, schools, bolody military units in the case of defectorsor religious sirts to which members of the militia belonged.

Did I miss something? Due to the often hostile relationship between the populations of Misrata and Sirte, and the difficulties this may create for any investigation, the general prosecutor of Libya should refer the case to another court from an area that is not involved in the alleged crimes. Shame, shame, why is your hair like this?

Irish sport images provided by Inpho Photography unless otherwise stated. To view video feature: Bloody Vengeance in Sirte. It prohibits violence against such persons, particularly murder, cruel treatment and torture, as well as outrages against their personal dignity and degrading and humiliating treatment.

He did not return to Sirte.

Death of a Dictator

Please note that TheJournal. Unable to continue down the main road, the convoy again tried turning off into neighboring dirt roads west of the main road to escape the overflying warplanes and drones, and the militia fighters attempting to stop them.

As explained above, Mutassim Gaddafi had a major wound on his throat that did not exist when he was filmed in the custody of Misrata fighters, strongly suggesting that the fatal wound was inflicted on him while he was in the custody of the fighters.

In a second video, Mutassim can be seen on the back seat of a white pick-up truck, still bleeding and with his eyes closed, as members of the Lions of the Wadi militia from Misrata claim credit for his capture, saying they worked together with the Tiger al- Nimer and Lion al-Asad brigades of Misrata, two militias who may bloody implicated in the executions at the Mahari Hotel sirhe below.

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By the evening, his dead body, with a new wound on his throat that was not visible in the prior video footage, was being publicly displayed in Misrata. Share 2 Tweet The Flight from Tripoli and Final Days in Sirte Reconstructing Muammar Gaddafi’s final days is difficult, as he was surrounded by a small circle of trusted confidants and bodyguards, most of whom were killed in the bloodg escape from Sirte, as documented in this report.


July 7, News Release. Contact Us – Ask questions and suggest improvements.

This brigade reportedly lost two of its commanders in the battle for Sirte. In addition to the six persons who were identified in the photos obtained by Human Rights Watch of the bodies at the Mahari Hotel, hospital officials at the Ibn Sina hospital identified an additional six persons visible in the video who they confirmed were among the dead found at the Mahari hotel.

Deat fighting in Libya between the armed forces loyal to Gaddafi and armed opposition groups amounted to a non-international internal armed conflict, regulated by Common Article 3 to the Geneva Conventions and the Second Additional Protocol of to the Geneva Conventions Protocol IIas well as customary laws venteance war.

How I Spend My Money: My library Help Advanced Book Search. Bale’s bicycle kick, Zlatan’s volley and Salah’s derby strike: The final battle srite in this report took place in the area controlled by Misrata-based militias.

The fighting between the armed forces acting under Security Council SC Resolution the NATO forces and the Libyan armed forces loyal to Gaddafi amounted to an international armed conflict, and was governed by the Four Geneva Conventions of and customary laws of war. Several phone video recordings posted on YouTube and reviewed by Human Rights Watch, apparently made by militia fighters who were present at the scene, show Mutassim Gaddafi alive after his capture, apparently without the fatal wounds that caused his death.

Notify me of new comments via email. Skip to main content. We felt sad because when these people were executed, they could no longer share information. The man agrees, and asks the others to leave, and the video clip ends. Who will win the All-Ireland senior camogie championship in ?