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De Sauty Bridge, De Sauty Bridge phasor diagram, De Sauty Bridge is used to, De Sauty Bridge diagram, De Sauty Bridge advantages and disadvantages. DE-SAUTY BRIDGE Object: To determine the capacitance of capacitor by De- Sauty bridge. Apparatus Used: De-Sauty bridge, connecting wire, Head phone. Do not copy and publish it. DEV: PCM POINT 1. DE-SAUTY BRIDGE Object: To determine the capacitance of two capacitors by De-Sauty bridge. Apparatus.

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What are the advantages that Carey Foster method has compared to simple meter bridge for measuring resistance? By making the phasor diagram we can calculate dissipation factor. Reading of voltage and current should be started with zero. For first position No.

At balance condition we have. To determine the self inductance of a coil by Anderson bridge. The following formula is used for the determination of self inductance of coil.

What is the length of DE? Connects Facebook Youtube Videos. Here we interested in modify the De Sauty’s bridgewe want to have such a kind of bridge that will gives us accurate results for imperfect capacitors also. What are the drawbacks of De Sauty’s bridge? What is the SI unit of pressure?


What is the S. Laser light and grating should be normal.

Can a dissipation factor be measured by De Sauty’s bridge? Exact length of wire should be connected parallel to galvanometer.


Let us mark the bridgee drop across unknown capacitor as e 1voltage drop across the resistor r 3 be e 3voltage drop across arm be e 4 and voltage drop across arm be e 2.

Distance Micrometer reading cm No.

To verify the expression for the focal length of a combination of two lenses. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Ask New Question Sign In. The dead bridfe that tells you when Amazon has the best price. At balance point on equating the voltage drops we have: Table for the value of P, Q and R resistances Sr.

What is the SI unit of heat? The arm consists of capacitor c 1 whose value is unknown which carries current i 1 as shown, arm consists of pure resistor here pure resistor means we assuming it non inductive in naturearm also consists of pure resistor and arm consists of standard capacitor whose value is already known to us.

Diffracted points should be in a line on screen. In order to draw the phasor diagram we have taken e 3 or e 4 reference axis, e 1 and e 2 are shown at right angle to e 1 or e 2.


What is the SI unit of density? Still have a question? De Sauty’s Bridge gives accurate results only when the capcitors taken are free from dielectric losses.

Table for value of voltage and current Sr. Instead of some advantages like DESAUTY bridge is quite simple and provides easy calculations, there are some disadvantages of this bridge because this bridge give inaccurate results for imperfect capacitor here imperfect means capacitors which not free from dielectric losses.

Answer to this question is very simple as capacitor is connected there, therefore phase difference angle obtained is 90 o.

This the required equation. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.


The current should remain constant and should be reversed for each observation. To determine the capacitance of two capacitors by De-Sauty bridge. Exact high resistance should be connected in series to galvanometer for conversion to voltmeter.

The plane of the coil should be set in the magnetic medium. Movement in galvanometer brivge be free.

Table for D and Xn Sr. Analyzer reading with sugar solution Sr.