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De excidio et conquestu Britanniae: Gildas: His De excidio et conquestu Britanniae (“The Overthrow and Conquest of Britain”), one of the few sources for the. Gildas. De Excidio et Conquestu Britanniae,. Miguel Pablo Sancho Gómez. Uploaded by. M. Sancho Gómez. Medieval Sourcebook: Gildas (c): Works. Gildas (cc) was a Brythonic-speaking churchman, possibly from southern Scotland, who wrote De Excidio et Conquestu Britanniae.

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And our Lord hath said unto me, The prophets do falsely foretell dr my name; I have not sent them, nor laid my commandment on them; they prophesy unto you a dying vision, and divination together with deceitfulness, and the seducement of their own hearts.

Nor do I condemn the mountains, valleys ocnquestu rivers, once destructive, but now suitable for the use of man, which the ignorant once worshipped. Therefore shall they receive the kingdom of glory, and the crown of beauty from the hand of our Lord.

They who possessed have murdered, and yet hath it not repented them, and they who sold them, have said, Our Lord is blessed and we have been enriched, and their pastors have suffered nothing concerning them. The first of these martyrs, St.

What disgraceful flights then took place -what slaughter and death inflicted beitanniae way of punishment in divers shapes, -what dreadful apostacies from religion; and on the contrary, what glorious crowns of martyrdom then were won, -what raving fury was displayed by the persecutors, and patience on the part of the suffering saints, ecclesiastical history informs us; for the whole church were crowding in a body, eexcidio leave behind them the dark things of this world, and to make the best of their way to the bitanniae mansions of heaven, as if to their proper home.

Four Courts Press, Log In Sign Up. The barbarians being thus introduced as soldiers into the island, to conquesth, as they falsely said, any dangers in britanjiae of their hospitable entertainers, obtain an allowance of provisions, which, for some time being plentifully bestowed, stopped their doggish mouths.

Thus foreign calamities were augmented by domestic feuds; so that the whole country was entirely destitute of provisions, save such as could be procured in the chase. He is also said to be responsible for many of the conversations in Ireland due to his many visits and missionary work he is said to have carried out.

My right hand shall not be sparing upon sinners, neither shall the sword cease over them who spill the innocent blood on the earth. Kings were anointed, not according to God’s ordinance, but such as showed themselves more cruel than the rest; and soon after, they were put to death by those who had elected them, without any inquiry into their merits, but because others still more cruel were chosen to succeed them.


Manchester University Press, David while she was pregnant with the future Saint. They have reaped other men’s fields before the time; the poor have laboured in the vineyards of the mighty without hire and meat, they have made many to sleep naked without garments; of the covering of their life they have bereaved them.

And ft far may it suffice among many, to have recited a few sentences out of the prophet Isaiah.

Listen then awhile and hear patiently the following enumeration of thy deeds, wherein I will not touch any domestic and light offences if yet any of them are light but only those open ones which are spread far and wide in the knowledge of all men.

Skip to main content. Gildas is thought to have lived as a hermit for many years on Flatholm Island in the Bristol Channel.

On the Ruin of Britain by Gildas

But God forbid that ever should happen unto you, that which followeth, “Thou shalt speak all these words unto them, and they shall not hear thee; and thou shalt call them, and they shall not answer thee; and thou shalt say unto them, This is the nation that hath not heard the voice of their Lord God, nor yet received discipline, faith hath perished, and been taken away from out of their mouth.

God will threaten all, and who will not be terrified? I heard, forsooth, “Whoever shall believe and be baptized, shall be saved, but whoever shall not believe shall be damned” Offer therefore the same unto thy governor, if he will receive it, if he will accept of thy person, saith our Almighty Lord.

For ye have said, We have entered into a truce with death, and with hell we have made a covenant.

De excidio et conquestu Britanniae | work by Gildas |

And further on, speaking of the day of judgment and the unspeakable fears of sinners, he says, “Howl ye, because the day of our Lord is near at hand if so near at that time, what shall it now be thought to be?

It is a sermon in three parts condemning the acts of Gildas’ contemporaries, both secular and religious, whom he blames for the dire state conquesth affairs in sub-Roman Britain. Wherefore I will as yet contend in judgment with you, saith our Lord, and debate the matter with your children. When afterwards they returned to Rome, for want of pay, as is said, and had no suspicion of an approaching rebellion, that deceitful lioness Boadicea put to death the rulers who had been left among them, to unfold more fully and to confirm the enterprises of the Romans.

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If any man’s work shall remain, all by the fire shall be adjudged. There is none who calleth on justice, neither is there he who judgeth truly, but they trust in nothing, and speak vanities, and have conceived grief, and brought forth iniquity.

And thus they did all things contrary to their salvation, as if no remedy could be applied to the world by the true conqustu of all men. For this cause, behold, I will come unto you, saith our Lord; I will stretch out my hand on your prophets, who see lies, brltanniae them who speak vain things; in the discipline of my people they shall not be, and in the Scripture of the house of Israel, they shall not be written, and into the land of Israel they shall not enter, and ye shall know that I am the Lord, because they have seduced my people, saying, The peace of st Lord, and there is not the peace of our Lord.

Text: De Excidio et Conquestu Britanniae

Foolish are the princes, as it is said, of Thafneos, giving counsel to unwise Pharaoh. Arthurian Period Sources 7, London: They left their cities, abandoned the protection of the wall and dispersed themselves in flight more desperately than before.

These rays of light were received with lukewarm minds by the inhabitants, but they nevertheless took root among some of them in a britannlae or less degree, until nine years’ persecution of the tyrant Diocletian, when the churches throughout the whole world were overthrown, al1 the copies of the Holy Scriptures which could be found burned in the streets, and the chosen pastors of God’s flock butchered, together with their innocent sheep, in order that not a vestige, if possible, might remain in some provinces of Christ’s religion.

It was frequently reprinted on the Continent during the 16th century, and once or twice since. Others departed to overseas lands crying bitterly […]. For they have cast away the law of our Lord of hosts, ed despised the speech of the holy one of Israel.