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Personal. Why did I become a safecracker? As a kid growing up, my heroes. Currently I have three different Databases on CD. Click on a CD for more info. Openings. Oregon and Washington I cover by motorcar, the rest of the country .

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Lockmasters. Gun Safes by Dave McOmie; GS1

If it is a low-end safe, and if you are far away, I will refer you to a competent safe technician in your area, which will save you money. StrongArm Products in action!

Includes safes by the following Kenny H and Dave going after an Original. We recieved a note from Paul Crouwel to show us him and his associates working on some interesting safes in The Netherlands. Learn to open High Security Safes mocmie Not only do you get all the opening specs and measurements, you also get a very complete rundown on opening procedures.

The one after that will be on GSA containers. Each page is numbered and labeled mcomje month and year for easy reference.

These are sometimes information-loaded, sometimes humorous, but always worthwhile. Each safe is shown from the front for identification purposes. Hundreds and hundreds of actual hinged round door openings are covered in this series, with step-by-step documentation mcmoie walks the reader through each opening as if he were on the job with Dave This book is nearly pages long, mcojie of the biggest safecracking books ever published. Does drilling ruin the safe or vault?


Plus a service notes section tells you special tricks PLUS, Dave has included an invaluable section on how to defeat the most popular locks currently on the market, both mechanical and electronic. Then the safe is shown open with the back panel removed. The blue one was a German “Leicher” filling with a lot of ball bearings.

Niyazi “Ozzy” Okay and his brothers working in Istanbul Turkey. Even Hollywood knows that the StrongArm vac rig is the right tool for the job!

Hello, the names of the safetechnichans are, Paul Crouwel the guy whith the Strongarm-shirt and the other one is Oliver Diederichsen from Germany. Virtually all brands are covered! You get exact drill points, drop-in points, relocker points, and more.

Gun Safes by Dave McOmie

You’ll find this very hefty book to be an indispensible aid when you have a safe to open. For ncomie, email me: Here is the definitive new book on Bank Vault safecracking made easy!

This is the first book in a brand new series, in which each volume will be dedicated to a particular type of safe. In many cases, I will utilize no-damage methods such as manipulation, dialing diagnostics, or special bypass techniques, to open the container.


Safecracking Books by Dave McOmie

I will tell you exactly how much the opening will cost before I begin, and the price will not change, no matter how long it takes to get the unit open. I stick by my quotes. Each book contains detailed opening instructions for very common safes, including safe photos in each volume. The rig was a very good investment.

The long wait is over! A great addition to any safe library, Ask Dave is destined to be a cult classic. Where appropriate he has written Retrospective Comments at the end of the articles. Included among many other safes are: Four color covers, with over inside pages, show hundreds and hundreds of photos of the doors and the guts.

Over high-gloss pages-our biggest safecracking book ever!