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Shri Lal Bahadur Shasri, Prime Minister of India, visited Anand on 31st October for inauguration of the Cattle Feed Factory of Amul at Kanjari. As he was. CSR activity at AMUL – Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. A report. amul csr ppt. Uploaded by amaygujrati. csr activity done by amul ..!!!!!!!! Copyright: Attribution Non-Commercial (BY-NC). Download as PPT or read online from.

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The Anand Pattern is essentially an economic organizational pattern to benefit small producers who join hands forming an integrated approach in order to economy of a large scale business. They are expected to be courteous, friendly, respectful, and considerate to the customer. To add fervour and enthusiasm in the programme at many places the Chairman, Managing Director and Board of Directors of Member Unions participated in the programme. Invariably the price paid to the member-producers in Gujarat is higher by 15 per cent than the national average.

Therefore, it is important for all companies to strive together and adapt corporate social responsibility standards to make the society better than before. On 15th August,after the flag hoisting ceremony, each member took an oath to plant saplings and ensure that they grew in to trees.

CSR Activities of Amul | radhika zawar –

There are 12 district co-operatives each being managed by a member board elected by the college comprising the nominated representatives or chairmen of the village co-operatives.

Versatile, profitable, and dynamic businesses are the driving forces that build the economy of the country. After flag hoisting ceremony, the tree plantation activity was executed by the producer members. The programme was conducted on “One member, Five tree” basis.

By doing so, milk producers of Gujarat Dairy Cooperatives have shown their concern, awareness and commitment for betterment of environment.

Execution teams were formed at district union activitifs to give final shape and put the plan in action. Many national and multinational firms are booming in various developing countries. This flow was sustained by linking milk production to its marketing through modern processing facilities. For better coordination and sustainable success, Teams have been formed at various levels.

It has been estimated that when one tree is cut, in monetary terms there is loss or Rs.

Each DCS has a milk collection centre where members take milk every day. Over the years, due to intensive agriculture and dairying various natural resources are getting consumed at faster pace in Gujarat state of India.


The project envisages encouraging the farmers to use high yielding animals and modern aids to increase milk production. This was just the beginning.

In year and in yearin mass tree plantation fo around The union has a seven-year plan for doubling milk production, which envisages a comprehensive programme of animal breeding, animal nutrition, and animal health and hygiene, livestock marketing and extension work on scientific lines.

The society is being perceived as a means of livelihood — unlike, say, a panchayat. What is the milk processing capacity of the Acticities Union?

Hope has kindled in landless labourers without employment that they do not have to migrate to cities in search of an income. Aftivities winning this award, not only the student gets recognized, but it also help the schools to enhance their image as an academy that imparts quality education, worth emulating by others. Operation Flood has made the country activitie sufficient in milk and milk products through modernization of our dairy industry. CSR can not only refer to the compliance of human right standards, labor and social security arrangements, but also to the fight against climate change, sustainable management of natural resources and consumer protection.

The initiation to form a village actlvities society begins on receipt of an intimation from a village expressing their willingness to form a cooperative and affiliate to the district union. There are 12 district co- operatives each being managed by a member board elected by the college comprising the nominated representatives or chairmen activihies the village co-operatives.

To add fervour and enthusiasm in the programme at many places the Chairman, Managing Director and Board of Activitis of Member Unions participated in the programme. Sorry, your browser does not support script. The Dairy Demonstration Farm is generating overwhelming interest in milk producer members because of its success and viability. Through one to one talk with the farmers, the distributors and salesmen realise AMUL is a large business of small farmers.

By using strategic and social commitment for families with chronically ill children children, Betapharm took a strategic advantage.

Village level coordinators were identified and they were trained to streamline activity of tree plantation. Member Unions were informed about the programme and channels of procurement of saplings, almost six month before to scheduled date of programme. It has developed in-house modules for training and competence building to improve and up grade of their knowledge; communication skills to understand the customer, be responsive to customer requirements, and communicate clearly for trouble shooting of problems.

First tree plantation programme 15th August, was carried out on “one member, One tree” basis. But at the same time, these countries suffer social challenges amhl as poverty, corruption, population growth, etc. In a halt in sales growth led the company to the realization that in the generic drugs market companies could not differentiate on price or quality.


To fulfill its corporate social responsibility towards its milk producers and co-operatives the GCMMF works on razor thin profits and retention of funds. The unique fact about the programme was that the milk producer members took up the oath activitis protect tree saplings till it survives and grows into tree. They have taken necessary care to ensure that this sapling survives and they also reported regarding the survival to village level coordinator and district milk unions after five months.

Third tier is the state level co-operative – the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation GCMMF responsible for national and international marketing of milk and milk products produced and sold to it.

Annually Amul felicitate outstanding children of employees who have secured highest marks in 10th, 12th standards and Gold Medalist in graduation. During this visit they are shown dairy plants, their upkeep, international standards of hygiene and quality; the practices adopted for clean milk production, and above all the cooperative philosophy. Companies with high CSR standards are able to demonstrate their responsibilities to the stock holders, employees, customers, and the general public.

CSR Initiatives

Replication of Anand Pattern through Operation Flood programme helped India to achieve first position in production of milk in the world. It can also strengthen relationships between a company and its suppliers by aligning values and objectives.

The visit leaves an everlasting impression on their minds that by selling AMUL products, they are discharging a social responsibility towards a large number of poor farmers whose livelihood depends upon their skill and integrity. In the first year of the Award Foundation, Amul honored students in Gujarat and other parts of India. The epicenter of the quake was located in Kutch district. I am making this project not only for marks but also to increase my knowledge. The major advantage of taking milk and not cattle from villages into cities was the convenient, economic and scientific management of the milk animals in milksheds through improved breeding, feeding and health care practices.