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Creative ZEN Zen Stone 1GB Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Creative ZEN Zen Stone 1GB How To Use Manual. View and Download Creative ZEN Zen Stone 1GB how to use manual online. Creative ZEN Zen Stone 1GB: User Guide. ZEN Zen Stone 1GB MP3 Player pdf. start manual online. Zen Stone plus MP3 Player pdf manual download. MP3 Player Creative ZEN Zen Stone 1GB How To Use Manual. Creative zen zen.

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Why are some files corrupted when they are transferred to my player? User’s Guide Provides information on using your player. It enables you to drag audio files to and from your player using Creative Media Lite. Before upgrading your player’s firmware, you need to log on to your computer in Administrator mode.

Creative Worldwide Support > ZEN Stone

Your player supports up to three folder levels from the root. For details, contact your online music store.

Your player is recognized as a removable disk on your computer and you can also use other software to transfer content. For updated FAQs, visit www.

Creative ZEN Zen Stone 1GB Manuals

If possible, back up all your player’s content on your computer before proceeding. Any changes or modifications not expressly approved by the grantee of this device could void the user’s authority to operate the device.


This document has been designed to provide you with complete product knowledge. Other software may not. How do I transfer music from my audio CDs tsone my computer or player?


Your player is fully charged when the: This step deletes all your player’s content. Why does formatting my player in Windows Vista take a long time?

After my player is turned on, why does it blink red three times then turn off? Avoid unnecessarily moving forward or backward within a track.

What is firmware and can my player’s firmware be updated? Other software may not. Firmware refers to the software that resides on your player and that controls your player’s features. Playback Order You can customize your music playback experience by naming 1b organizing your insttrukcja according to the following guidelines: Where is my music normally located on my computer, and how can I transfer it to my Creative player?

When your player’s LED changes from blinking orange to steady orange, your player is fully charged.

Why can’t I transfer music files from an online music store to my player? You can resize the document window, print this document, access linked web sites and get information from specially prepared graphics. For more details, read the rest of this Web release note. Rest assured that once formatted, your player will perform as expected. This step deletes all your player’s content. Operation with non-certified computers or incorrect cables may result in interference to other devices or undesired effects to the product.


Click the Delete button Frequently Asked Questions This section covers questions you might have while using your player. The track is within three levels of folders from the root. To jump to a linked topic or a web site, click the underlined blue text, or the hand symbol. In addition to shuffling music, you can also locate your favorite music tracks by skipping folders. Disconnecting Your Player Safely To stop your player properly, select one the following options: The following will make your player’s battery last longer.

I have to charge my player’s battery quite often. To transfer music to your player, you can use Creative Media Lite. To transfer music to your player, you can use Creative Media Lite.