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62 results Your Electric keeps the Crabtree Loadstar in three phase and single phase distribution boards in stock complete with B, C type MCB’s and RCBO’s. A Crabtree Loadstar triple pole, type D, 16A miniature circuit breaker will fit a Crabtree Loadstar distribution board. Fully safe this MCB has been manufactured . Crabtree Loadstar 6HS16B MCB; Rated Current: 16 Amp; Trip Unit Characteristic : Type B; Rated Operational Voltage: V AC; Breaking Current: 6 kA.

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Crabtree Loadstar Consumer Units | Your Electrics

Devices supplied outside of these dates are unaffected. The consumer unit enclosure must be manufactured from a cabtree combustible material so as to limit the spread of fire.

What is Similar Switchgear? As usual good workmanship and proper materials should. If you have purchased or installed crbtree of the product listed above, between the dates shown please visit our dedicated web page for assistance: OP have you tried to remove the breaker? Agree it won’t is highly unlikely! This work must be carried out by a qualified competent electrician, under no circumstances should the general public attempt any aspect of this work.

RCD trip due to there being a difference in the current going out through the live and the current returning through the Neutral. An enclosure means the box, cover, door, hinges, handle and any.



This can lead to a potential risk of burning, in a small number of installations. Similar switchgear is switchgear that is used for the same fundamental application ie.

What is Non Combustible Material? Similar switchgear is switchgear that is used for the same. There is no issue re moisture as this is all in the dry As mcb Has anyone seen this typ3 of thing before? I am glad you corrected me on that issue! Thought it was the pump. Usually caused by some or all the current leaking to Earth due to a short on either the live or Neutral conductors.

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Switched off mcb for garden and switch on rcd all ok until mcb switched back on again! RCDs will also trip if too much current returns via the Neutral, something associated with shared neutrals.

If it does not trip, the fault is with the wiring. Yes odd I know!

Crabtree Loadstar – 6FS40B – 40a Type B Single Pole MCB Style Un- | eBay

There are many types of non combustible material however. The circuit in question needs meggering, doesn’t sound like an mcb problem to me. Do you already have an account? This is after I toggled mcb switch a dozen times! Symptoms are this Peter p There is a dedicated mcb for the garden The circuit was installed from new some 5 years ago. This can be achieved by use of cable entry accessories such as consumer unit pattress or other means such as glanding.


Else, yes, just drop the busbar, lift out the mcb, drop new one in and refit busbar. Alun TomApr 26, What is an Enclosure?

Yes I have thought of it but discounted that as a cause!! It probably easier if you take the bus bar out but when you put it back make sure none of the clamps miss the prong and just tighten up on themselves.

Crabtree Loadstar consumer unit. Changing mcb

Its not, JP, they have special shrouded busbars and a single tab lock-in system unique to the Starbreaker. Alun Tom crzbtree unphased like this. Not likely to be mcb at fault. Does not see daylight!