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Repair and service information for the Contax camera. The Contax service manual gives a comprehensive list of possible causes of various symptoms and I suggest you refer to that if the cause of your problem. Contax Quartz 35mm SLR camera, Contax Q, Q. TTL metering system using a silicon photo diode, manual or aperture-priority exposure controls .

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DIY Repairs – Contax Resource

There are two screws close together. With the fixing screw removed, fold back the flexi and gently lift the LED assembly out of its slot.

To fit the replacement mirror, simply cut a piece of double sided sticky tape and apply it to the back of the mirror, then fit the mirror in place. But be aware, if looking for a high serial number unit, there’s evidence that some baseplates with high serial numbers on them were used as replacement parts so the camera may not match the serial number. The release magnet is a combination manuql that holds the mechanism in its cocked position using a permanent magnet. Lens Mount Trim With the top and bottom covers off, the trim around the lens mount can be removed.

Press down the cover working towards the corner of the camera.

I clean screens with liquid soap and water then remove all the water by spraying with IPA cotax blow drying the contx with an air duster. I intended to make it my main film camera, and planned to send it to Peter Robinson for a minor service.


The focus screen is not user removable and to remove it requires the flexi PCB to be lifted and the prism removed from the top of the mirror box. Front Plates There is a plate either side of the lens mount that can be removed. The holder can be quite easily removed using a flat, blunt, tool I use the handle of a pair of tweezers.

The mirror box can now be pulled forward.

Now remove the ISO dial and continue with fitting the top cover. There were a few modifications made to the comtax during the period it was maanual. Now clean the mating faces of the magnet and the armature.

The film advance mechanism is usually pretty reliable. The problem is with the catch that catches the second curtain at the end of its travel to stop it bouncing. Electrical Contacts Electrical contacts are always a potential source of problems.

Slide the tool into the top of the holder and twist it to lift the holder.

Start by desoldering the wires to the shutter. Next remove the metal clip that retains the wires that go to the shutter and also acts as an anchor point for the spring that is attached to the exposure compensation lock lever. Fit the Corrective Lever Guide as shown. Service and repair information for the Contax The release is under the mirror box but can be accessed without too much dismantling.

Contax 139Q

Unsolder the wires found underneath the right hand front panel. Conttax starting to release the flexi, remove the top and bottom covers, also the lens mount trim and the left hand looking from the front front panel. The other symptom can be that the mirror fails to return.


When refitting the top cover, it doesn’t always fit in its proper mahual behind the two levers but instead gets caught up on top of them. The mirror can be removed through the lens mount but you do so at your own risk. This shows the position of the screw more clearly. Clean the contxx contact on the underside of the contact plate. The original switch was a sealed microswitch that was unserviceable, other than to replace it, and it was replaced with another switch that had an open construction that could be cleaned and adjusted if necessary.

Assembly and parts manual. There’s more information in the service manual regarding which adjustment screw to turn to move the LEDs in a given direction. Lift a corner of it first and then pull the whole insert out. This makes sure it will re-engage when you fit the ISO manaul after fitting the top cover assuming the contact carrier doesn’t move of course.

With the ISO plate lifted, the switch, which is on the underside cotnax the plate, can be dismantled. Note the position of the rivet in the top blade of the curtain and compare it to the next image.