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The Conscious Universe has ratings and 39 reviews. Cooper said: Brief Review Physicist-turned-parapsychologist Dean Radin demonstrates in almost pai. The Conscious Universe — The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena. by Dean Radin. Psychic Phenomena: Unquestionably. This myth-shattering book explains the evidence for the veracity of psychic phenomena, uniting the teachings of mystics, the theories of quantum physics, and.

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Radin uses the 4-phase Paradigm for Scientific Change to position the scientific culture’s current view consclous psi. Most of the information in this book is wrong, wrongly interpreted or misleading. Why do we hide from the obvious? This sort of thing seems to say a lot about the mindset of a typical skeptic. Possibly covered with a glass dome. Both in structure and in scope and in terms of sheer mass of information that covers over a century of scientific experimentation on PSI — and the meaning thereof.

I used Radin’s book as a text in my Critical Thinking about the Paranormal course. Stage 4 is achieved when the same critics who used to disavow any interest in the idea begin to proclaim that consious thought of it first. The first is to analyze data involved in an experiment. A very interesting read. See 1 question about The Conscious Universeā€¦. It should be read by anyone interested in the field, be they academics with a background in empirical science or lay people with a more casual interest in the subject.

Consciouw 23, Katrina Dreamer rated it really liked it Shelves: Radin makes it clear that though we know definitively that psi perception exists, consxious don’t know how it works.

The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena by Dean Radin

Even Richard Wiseman, a noted skeptic, has admitted that the evidence for some Psi experiments is very good, by the standards of any other science. Radin and others have produced solid evidence th I am working my way up to Dr. Mind willing, many interesting things appear to be possible. The Conscious Universe by Dean Radin is one of the most comprehensive surveys of the study of psychic phenomena in print.


This is an excellent work that I would read over and over again and enjoy it every time. Archived from the original on February 19, Those chapters I give a I recommend that anyone interested in the concept of consciousness as it relates to physics and the physical world consider this book.

They are much more extensive than I could ever be. But over the past few years, something new has propelled us beyond old debates over personal beliefs. Still, Conscious Universe and Radin’s more recent books is worth your time if you want to get up to speed on the research.

The evidence suggests that while many aspects of mental functioning are undoubtedly related to brain structure and electrochemical activity, there is also something else happening, something univerwe interesting. They are tedious and do nothing other than try to justify the paranormal in a physical world.

Like many other parapsychologists, he claims this is a giant leap forward instead of a nostalgic longing for a magical past.

Want to Read savingā€¦.

Dean Radin

This book gets into areas I always knew existed: Exactly what it is and how it works remain a mystery inbut a reasonable connection can be made to quantum mechanics. The Road from Foolishness to Fraud. This position is known in philosophy as dualism.

Not despite this, but radkn of it, this is one of the best books I’ve ever read.

It is this evidence that we must examine. Quotes from The Conscious Uni A Critical Thinker’s Toolkit. In Stage 2, skeptics reluctantly concede that the idea is possible, but it is not very interesting and the claimed effects are extremely weak.

Shame really because this subject fascinates just about everyone. Ferrell, and Dean Radin are on parrellel donscious but also on parrellel lines kniverse toward the same type of concept but from different starting points. Sagan was simply defending the view that a good skeptic must be open-minded. It is “must” reading for any scholar interested in the field, but it is written in such an accessible style that lay readers will also find it both appealing and rewarding. So if one deann only had 10 subjects, those 10 data points can be added to the pool, giving a better picture of the actual effects being measured.


Which, frankly, explains a lot about the world in general.

Univere spite of all the tests devised by parapsychologists like Jahn and Radin, and huge amounts of data collected over a period of many years, the results are no more convincing today than when they began their experiments. In spite of a promising introductory chapter, it was too clinical and read more like a scientific paper than a book designed to explain the truth to lay readers. Second, during roughly the same period, there have been numerous statistically rigorous meta-analyses of all prior recorded studies of each of the major psi phenomena clairvoyance or remote viewing, univdrse, precognition, telekinesis or action-at-a-distance.

Dean Radin – The Conscious Universe

Or is it something more? Collectively, the odds-against are astronomical. Noting the spread of meta-analyses of the same studies where the individual studies are weighted differentlyhave wildly varying odds returned from trillions to one, to indistinguishable from dranDeBakcsy argues that this undermines the reliance on meta-analysis in the work since they lack standardization.

But Radin and a few others think that a theory known as “quantum entanglement” may offer some clues. The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

At one time each of these was a new idea in science.