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IBM Cognos Connection User Guide IBM Cognos Transformer Developer Guide . and are not backward compatible with IBM Cognos Series 7 PowerPlay. Documents IBM Cognos Connection User Guide Description Using IBM . and are not backward compatible with IBM Cognos Series 7 PowerPlay products. User Guide – Cognos Transformer – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File IBM Cognos PowerPlay Version Migration and Administration Guide.

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On Windows, use this option in combination with -n to open Cognos Transformer, perform the specified action in batch mode, and then close Cognos Transformer. tranwformer

Transformer User Guide

This performance overhead varies, depending on such factors as the number of cubes referenced by the query and the number of child categories in each parent being sorted. Advantages Of A Time-based Partitioned Cube, Disadvantages Of A Time-based Partitioned Cube Disadvantages of a Time-based Partitioned Cube Category handling, sorting enhancements, and support for external rollup make time-based partitioning a useful optimization technique for production environments.

Depending on the nature of the change, you may need to modify the format of the report data item and re-save the report, or modify the setting in the data format configuration file. You have tried to create a subdimension based on a category in a manual level. This is possible only when the cube is designed without custom views. Cognos PowerHouse 4GL portable subfile. This option is available only if no other data source with the same name as this PowerCube’s data source exists in the location you are publishing to.

To manually match query items to columns, select a data source item in the Source list and a column in the model, and click Match.


In Cognos BI, to expose transformre or part of tranfsormer Framework Manager model or model A physical or business representation of Transformer PowerCube, through a the structure of the data from one or more package, to the Cognos server, so that the data sources. A negative Appendix F.

If your data source is an. The following report shows sales by the sales representative Marthe for and Page All text strings are enclosed in either double or single quotation marks. However this requires re-start of the computer.

IBM Cognos User Manual

Constant Description Date Inserts powetplay current system date and positions the cursor on the first number of the date. Add an extra week settings on the Drill Category property sheet for the appropriate drill-down path.

Syntax today Appendix F. Use when you powerplwy positive numbers, or when you need to find the absolute difference between values in a list of positive and negative values. Drill down produces NA values. If the level you want to associate with the column contains only unique category values, select the Unique check box on the Source tab of the Level property sheet.

You can explicitly request consolidation by changing the Consolidate setting on the General tab of the PowerCube property sheet. The status value is listed in the PowerCube Properties box.

Cognos Web Portal User Guide

You can set up drill-through access so that users can view more detailed information for a value in a report, from. Cognos Transformer is unable to locate one of the source files for a data source in the model, and the model update fails. Mathematical, Usef, And String Operators Operators specify what happens to the values on either side of the operator. The next time you start Cognos Transformer, you will be asked yser you want to see the list of suspended models.


When specifying date level uxer in a time dimension, lunar time periods and calendar time periods cannot be combined within a single drill-down path.

Size of all source files 2. Complete the following procedure: Page If the price is greater than or the quantity is less than or equal to 3, evaluates to True and retrieves only those rows.

Text Functions Reverses the characters in a string. Example – Apexed Custom View Cloaked by Another Custom View in the Same Dimension This example describes the union of an apexed custom view cloaked by another custom view in the same dimension.

Transformer User Guide 10.2.1

Page TR A data source was expected but not found. Page When creating or modifying a category manually, in a manual level, you have changed the category code so tranfsormer it conflicts with an existing category code. The following example shows multiple preferences and commands being passed to Cognos Transformer. On the General tab, clear the Sets the current period check box for all but the one you want used to set the current period. Scheduling Batch Unix And Linux Production Jobs, Improving Performance In A Unix Production Environment If you update cubes incrementally and a cube update fails, if you try to repeat the most recent incremental update, some records from the update may already have been written to the cube.