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It kept me riveted right to the last page. Cody Mcfadyen is the real thing. — John Douglas, author of the #1 bestseller MINDHUNTER: Inside the. A scarred FBI agent faces her own past as well as a strange teen’s demons as she tracks a bloodthirsty serial killer. Buy a cheap copy of The Face of Death book by Cody McFadyen. A June Significant Seven Editors’ Pick: Don’t let the title fool you. Cody.

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This was mind boggling and tense. Other books in the series.

The Face of Death

Another great Barrett book in this awesome series. Last month I read book 1, Shadow Man, and declared nothing could possibly beat it for my book of the year. It definitely leaves you thinking whether you’re safe walking in broad daylight. A man Sarah calls The Stranger took control of her life on her sixth birthday. Smoky Barrett, Fface 2.

Log In Members Login. It all turns on an incident from eighteen years ago, when Malone, a young Navy lawyer trying hard not to live up to his maverick reputation, is asked by Stephanie Nelle at the Justice Department to help with an investigation. Sight is a novel about being a parent and a child: He needs to cash up and escape his failing startup firm – and fast.

But Smokey is captivating and bright, as well as emotionally vulnerable. He is so cruel and violent that it’s scary to read about him, but at the same time, it’s hard to stop. They lived apart in the house that Daddy built for them in the woods with his bare hands. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. By the time you finish reading this book you’ll be running on adrenalin you never knew you had. Not for the faint of heart but so engrossing.


The Face of Death : Cody McFadyen :

Mcfadyen manages to mislead the reader down many a wrong path and keep them guessing until the very last minute I enjoyed it hugely when I was able to breathe that is! It is her friends and co-workers who define her. Very difficult subject matter, but still a bit too wordy – could have been shortened a bit, but I still liked this book.

This time, it may just codu a question of what gets him first. Feb 21, Christine rated it it was amazing Shelves: In this follow-up to Shadow Manthe author never strays far from standard serial-killer formula. She is still dealing with her past, but for once she is looking straight towards the future.

THE FACE OF DEATH by Cody McFadyen | Kirkus Reviews

A spellbinding read from first page to last. Her face is a testament and reminder of what has happened to her.

Because of the way it’s written, it seems real. Gotta say, I’m still struggling with the name Her relationship with Bonnie, her adopted daughter who refuses to talk is beautiful, full of love and empathy.

Cody Mcfadyen is the real thing.

The dead client was a Russian oligarch with connections to the Kremlin. Callie and Alan are like old friends, and James remains an enigma. They all know they have made a mistake. Now caring for her murdered friend’s mute daughter, Smoky must decide whether or not she can rise to one more fiendish challenge Leading Alex Ferguson with Michael Moritz. I can’t say the book was fast paced, it was somewhere between moderate and fast- This book is going to haunt me for years to come. So when Becca’s ex shows up on Tinder, Lizzie swipes right.

Yvonne Klein ymk reviewingtheevidence. I am getting more attached to the characters of Smokeys eclectic team, they each have very specific strengths that are vital in helping her to solve her cases.


My friend borrowed me this book and just said read it but she had a devious spark in her eyes and I was kind of scared to start it. Cody Mcfadyen is an independent video games designer.

Mcfadyen’s writing and characterization run long, deep and true. She used to be the one in the shadows, stalking Becca’s perfect life online, but a lot has changed since then. And now there’s Mike and Faye. It doesn’t hold back at times on the gruesome factor and I actually found it quite chilling in places; senses alarminghly heightened when reading in the dead of night.

You will thank ocdy later, I promise!!!

It seems small, until Frank’s own home is burgled, leaving a body on the kitchen floor: MadnessIsBetterIntwo rival expeditions set off for a lost Mayan temple in the jungles of Honduras, one intending to shoot a screwball comedy on location there, the other to disassemble the temple and ship it back to New York.

So it is even more satisfying to see someone attempt and succeed at rising above the mediocre and run of the mill thriller. Because Mary has a dark secret, buried decades before. Smoky may be her only path towards salvation. I found it enchanting, and I was happy to turn every page But as the book progresses all becomes clear.

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