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Climbing Parnassus has ratings and 62 reviews. TheRose said: This is a paradigm-shifting book. I was flabbergasted by how much I really didn’t unders. “Discussions of educational reform often involve windy talk of a “return to the classics,” yet rarely do would-be reformers go so far as to advocate a return to. Tracy Lee Simmons’s book, Climbing Parnassus, is a tour-de-force. Simmons addresses the current state of education, which is dismal, to a.

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With so much of apolgia climbing gear available now to the disciplined autodidact in the forms of books, films, and computer software, the vistas have never been accessible to so many’ 25f.

Climbing Parnassus: A New Apologia for Greek and Latin by Tracy Lee Simmons

Knowledge must have traceable contours. Life gives nothing to us fod tremendous work and sacrifice. For example, here is an imaginary ancient citizen looking at our society today: It is as well to state that these reviewers are prepared to welcome almost any apologia for classics.

He was speaking out for the formed, well-stored mind.

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If one does have that knowledge, it is gratuitous. I have loved and appreciated Tracy’s words and insights and I’m very apologai he took the time to clearly define what traditional classical education is.

The adult elite knows better, or at least they should. One who suffers also conquers. One can approach the book from both a polemical and an historical perspective.

Like the ship-wrecked seafarer, we simply hope that clkmbing will land somewhere — whether this is the island of technical training or the cay of model citizenship, we couldn’t give a fig. In this global economy, that would be an asset. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. For the ancients were marked by an utter lack of interest in child psychology.


One can only hope. I have long felt that education is broken beyond repair, and that its modern form is bloated, ill-guided, and poorly-implemented, both by bureaucrats and educators. I have only one small caveat that the book lacks; he has no foot or end notes.

I am excited to begin redeeming my own education as I learn alongside my daughter. It is unfortunate that entry to the ‘elite’ class in current American civilization may merely involve minutes of fame, a big bucks movie or music contract, inheriting a large trust fund or company, or being a politician. We have not indeed jettisoned the hope and drive that keep us working for a better world that’s the good newsbut we have forgotten to cultivate ourselves as individuals.

Feb 25, Jeffrey rated it it was amazing. The world could do with fewer scholars and more cultivated people’ Classical education humanizes us. What should and should not be taught in schools? Down through the ages it has been an education for the elite, and he seemed to think that it should still be so. I want them to better know of the one who was born into a country under Roman rule, who spoke Greek, and who even now asks for the allegiance of every American.

They still do — and this should concern us’ Whenever we judge a culture, we must weight ‘the general furniture of its mind,’ and that furniture is flimsy and getting flimsier. They are sought, not derided, as signs of intellectual and cultural health.

Climbing Parnassus: A New Apologia for Greek and Latin

How did liberal education go so wrong? The life of the mind and soul it leaves breath of standards, those talking points of judgment, which are required only with time and patience and effort. The wise citizen fit to govern first himself and then and only then to govern others. His prose is intellectual and drawing yet simple and articulate. A classical education was to enhance the gor. Inhe founded the weekly journal National Review where he was editor in chief. That held together until the late ninetieth century.


At the turn of the twentieth century, schools and universities turned their backs away from hundreds of years of what worked. Jun 28, Leslie rated it really liked it. The greatest reason for learning Greek and Latin is that learning languages is the best way to develop the memory faculty. This is not an easy form of education, but rather one that challenges students to think hard and work hard.

Climbing Parnassus: A New Apologia for Greek and Latin | Circe Institute

The Roman governor Pontius Pilate, educated in the highest civilization in the known world, looked the creator of the universe in the face and spurted: No one knows what it is for any longer. Account Options Sign in. Nil sine magno cli,bing labore dedit mortalibus. Theirs were not child-centered societies. Can any curriculum not based on the classical languages really be called classical at all?

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