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“To Lie Down with the Wolf and the Lamb, Such is the Will of Gaia” The most empathic of all the werewolves, the Children of Gaia believe that. So I’m attempting to hunt down all the old splat books to further my understanding of the setting. I’ve noticed scattered through out the internet. Silver fangs tribebook revised pdf – Striders Tribebook revised and original Silver Fangs Tribebook revised and. silver fangs tribebook revised.

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You investigate and wham!

Unlike most werewolves, they believe in law as a force for good instead of a tool of the Weaver. They’re not hopped gais beatific hippies, Gaia damn it! In the context of what the others books were doing, and the time it came out, in chld ended up doubling down on all the worst stereotypes of the CoGs, instead of doing squat to make them more interesting to play.

Some of our Ragabash say this vampire is a source of enlightenment, but few agree.

Not world peace, not being gentle, but being werewolves that want to only maim and kill the enemies that they should be maiming and killing. Sometimes they work towards gaix ends and practice good spirituality, other times they just want to see the world burn.

Published January 14th by White Wolf Publishing first published Sigh, where was oversight there. My only problem was the packmate bit. Like all the First Edition tribebooks, instead of a nifty Steve Prescott cover, we get an intro comic. Truly, these are misunderstood monsters. After all, they have the best records out of all the tribes, save perhaps the Fianna.


Part of the intertribal group Heaven, they rescue children from kidnappers and abusive homes. No gaoa, the yaia piece of art in the book. Refresh and try again.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. From the tribe’s origins in Mesopotamia to their hidden efforts in the war-torn modern world, the Children have always tried to promote healing and unity. Or, whatever you do with a ghost, I guess. The good news in the fight against the Wyrm is that its forces are divided between its own triat. Smell how the wind celebrates your presence!

Do you use the lofty perch aafforded by the accident of you birth to judge and condemn? Here’s my best shot! Tribbook teach a few Gifts in return for treating everyone kindly and fairly. Children of Gaia by pospysyl.

You have entered this land of false divisions to heal the rifts, bind up the wounds, and dry the tears of life. The hardest picture Ron Spencer has ever had to draw.

WtA – Children of Gaia Tribebook (Revised)

Truth Feather literally just teaches the Truth of Gaia Gift. This is like something out of Goblins.

The Apocalypse Revised Tribebooks 3. Part of it is a more general tonal issue, and the times. After all, we only learn by making mistakes. The bounty here is infinite, and springs from that same eternal source of life that offered you up as a benediction to the world. Level 5 brings Halo of the Sun which scares Wyrm creatures, blinds foes, debuffs all attacks within a certain radius, adds dice to your attacks, AND deals true sun damage to vampires.

Tribrbook 1, Part 2 Well that certainly was a long time. I can buy the warrior that fights only when he must. That said, I do have soft spot for this tribe.


Siduri Sabitu from the Epic of Gilgamesh gets a write up here. They have plans to move into the Balkans so that the Shadow Lords stop helping their kin carry out genocides. We need only ask our own permission to go anywhere. Honestly I don’t see what the fuss is about. Hear how the animals of the forest sing your song! Other books in the series. Gaia has foreseen it. See how Luna and all the Celestines shine upon you and bathe you with their infinite light!

Login or Gala Up Log in with. Even the most wicked, Wyrm-tainted person sees Gaia at the height of passion. As werewolves, they know it’s their duty to fight the last battles of the Apocalypse, but their love of life is their strength. The worst gaoa of the book is that it has the Children advocating peace all the time, between everyone, instead of trying to unify the Garou and Fera. Lists with This Book. Children of Gaia Tribebook Revised. The user does have to have a personal connection to the target, pals at minimum.

Children of Gaia Tribebook Revised – Onyx Path Forums

Originally posted by Asmodai View Post. Wise Fool Aww, look how happy he is! Lore-Speaker Gron can be chilc in the most esoteric of Children of Gaia historical records. Children of Gaia Werewolf: But they’re also Garou.