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Cataphoresis painting is a process to increase corrosion resistance of exterior surface of the goods. It’s a electro coating process based on electrochemistry. Cataphoresis means application of paint by an electro-phoresic method, whereby Appropriate anti-corrosive basic surface treatment for powder coating colors. Cataphoresis Treatment. (Cationic Electro Deposition of Paint / Electro Coating). The process of cataphoresis is a electtro deposition of paint in.

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Difference between E-Coat and Cataphoresis Process

How is it applied? Now we require E-Coating system process in our factory. Cataphoresis means application of paint by an electro-phoresic method, whereby the painted product becomes a cathode in the direct current anolyte water solution of the epoxy paint and thus attracts the colour cations. A closed chemical process to provide enviromentally friendly solution to cating. Accept Disable Cookies Cookie Policy.

Cataphoresis Coating – Lehmann Kataforez

CED coating with gold colored post dye; same part, different lighting Regular paints cannot be used because the process is not like electrostatic spraying, where the electricity is used only for attracting the paint; rather electrons coming from the cathode actually convert the paint ions to a different material.

Cataphoresis paint is water-based paint. There are a lot of users and manufacturers in USA for e-coat. Regards, Ted Mooney, P. We are a Italian Company, our production is automating systems for door opening.


Thanks again for your time! Cataphoresis lines consist of mostly closed circuits tanks. We want to transfer a part of our productions on China, for this reason I want to contact a China supplier for cataphoresis process to be applied on metallic steel parts. Cross cut and impact test applications are performed on the products in sense of quality tests. Surface cleaning group Suface preparing group Coating group Flash-off and oven group 1-Surface Cleaning Group In order to link the painting with iron, surface cleaning must be done in extreme qualitative way.

Cataphoretic coating coatin an electrophroretic coating process when the part being coated is cathodic; anophoretic coating is an electrophoretic coating coatig where the part being coated is anodic.

I would like to know whether after Catophoretic treatment Liquid Finish Painting can be done OR whether only powder coating can be applied? It is most widely used for cattaphoresis coating on all automobiles which then go in for liquid spray painting. To minimize your searching efforts and to offer multiple viewpoints, we’ve combined some threads into the dialog you’re viewing. February 13, A.

The zinc electroplating bath cataphorfsis be acid based or alkaline based.

The issue is that subsequent coatings can only get full adhesion onto clean parts. Chemical material is captured in that steam.

Treatment of cataphoresis

Furthermore, I have seen that cataphoresis is a good primer. Cataphoresis is an organic coating method that uses electrical current to deposit paint onto a part or assembled product. We are in requirement of Black Cataphoresis process to be performed on our product that are Auto Parts. Can we paint a cataphoresized substrate a long time after the cataphoresis have been done, only after degreasing it?


Lakum KTL – Váš partner od návrhu, až po dodání finálního výrobku

We added your inquiry to a thread on the subject which might clear up some of your questions. Waste gas is released to the atmosphere which was cleaned according to environmental factors in Teknorot A.

Better surface adhision properties to have a superior cross cut and catahoresis test result. This application has high performance on corrosion and impacts comparing to electro-static dust and electro-static wet paint coatings.

Can you tell us anything about this process – is it available in the U. Of these different ways, electroplating is usually the most economical and satisfactory when coatings are in the 8 micron range. A customer has asked us about KTL, or cataphoretic painting.

It’s not possible to diagnose a finishing problem or the hazards of an operation via these cataphoresos.

We require Zn-Fe plating of 8 Microns followed by cataphoretic paint of 15 Microns. Ability to paint even the most complex geomtry thanks to utilizing coating bath.