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CASTI Guidebook ASME B Process Piping CASTI Publishing Inc. – Street Edmonton, Alberta T5H 3J7 Canada Tel:() Fax:(). CASTI Guidebook to Asme B has 1 rating and 0 reviews: CD-ROM. CASTI Guide to Asme B – Process Piping (The Practical Guide Book Series) By Glynn E. Woods, Roy B. Baguley.

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Therein, the Code sets the first two allowable stresses for design: To do so, each book must have a valuable topic, be current with today’s technology, and be written in such a manner that the reader considers the book to be a reliable source of practical answers that can be used on a regular basis. And, for dimension critical applications, as an alternative to specification of tangent lengths, one could consider specifying center to end dimensions i.

An example of the application of this equation follows. Nor should it be used as a replacement for current complete engineering codes and standards. Tangent length requirements can affect the lengths of pipe procured for bending purposes and pipe wastage during the bending operations e.

CASTI Guidebook to ASME B – Process

Most tests are written and can reflect the knowledge base of the candidate, but can not necessarily address the field experience factor.

The states and provinces that have made this Code mandatory as of mid are: When the plant owner designates a piping system to be high pressure, yo the requirements, Chapter IX of B Seven miles north of Memphis, the boilers of the Sultana exploded. The remainder of this chapter will focus on most of these modified requirements.

In the special case of modulus of elasticity, thousands of MPa will be used. What is the instantaneous pressure rise above operating pressure?


CASTI Guidebook to Asme B31.3: Process Piping

These limits are for stress levels that can cause failure from a single loading, Sh, and those that can cause failure from repeated cyclic loadings, SA. Guidance in determining safe piping stress levels and design life. In fact, it is highly recommended that the appropriate current engineering codes and standards be reviewed in detail prior to any decision making.

The plant owner is assisted in making the decision whether or not impose high pressure requirements by three simple guidelines. When Must the Items Be Examined? In all cases, kPa will be used for gauge pressure, MPa will be used for stress.

A substantial amount of additional detail may be necessary to completely engineer and construct a process piping system, depending upon the piping scope and complexity. This limit on Sh for ferritic steels will not allow a B Clearly, the stress range reduction factor-allowable stress range philosophy is not applicable for vibrating piping systems.

CASTI Guidebook to Asme B Process Piping by Glynn E. Woods

Y mm 25 ft X anchor 12 ft Z X anchor Figure tto. This book offers some insight into the basic technologies associated with design, materials, fabrication, testing, and examination of process piping systems.

Even materials and welding procedures considered safe in guicebook state were prohibited in another. These material designation systems are discussed in more detail under the next three headings.

This is frequently done in terms of the diameter of the pipe used to make the bend e. Wall thickness, schedule, there is no metric equivalent for schedule. Force, moment, and energy, for force, newtons, Nwill replace pound force, lbfnewton-meter N-m will replace inch-pound-force, in.


Most examination requirements are applicable to welds, but examinations may also be necessary for other items including castings and bends.

He is also involved with Global Inspection Services Ltd. For plant piping systems, it is most common to use bending terms reflective of the method of manufacture which may include combinations of terms e. Woods has been providing this expertise for both new and operating petrochemical, nonnuclear power plants, and pipelines using computer evaluations, field experience and common sense in arriving t safe, economical piping amse and solutions to piping problems.


Furthermore, the level of qualification I, II, or III should be stated in terms of requirements for specific parts of the work.

The allowable stress limit for SL based on normal operating conditions is the hot allowable, Sh, which is: However, with all this legislation by the states, no two had the same rules. Any conclusions regarding the basis or intent of Acsti rules must be derived or inferred from the interpretations.

CASTI Guidebook to ASME B31.3 – Process

Cwsti topic should be an item of agreement between the purchaser and the bend manufacturer. Weld examination requirements for gaging the structural integrity of welds. The considerations included are: Codes would find little acceptance if their techniques and procedures were beyond the understanding of the piping engineer. This pressure rise acting at the closed valve in this piping same can exert a force equal to pressure times the cross sectional area of the pipe or aboutpounds, which can cause an unrestrained pipe to move from its normal position.

This will greatly assist the designer in applying the intent of the Code.