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Use all rules from the original CARCASSONNE! The following Inn on the Lake (6 tiles) Inns. & Cathedrals. Uhr Seite 1. A copy of CARCASSONNE (basic game) is required to play this expansion. You may use parts of this expansion or all of it. The basic rules for CARCASSONNE. The rules state that when placing a big meeple in a city or on a road that if the structure is not complete you earn 0 points. Does the same apply.

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Inns and Cathedrals Mod: Even with 6 players the kidnapping just added a negative element that took focus away from constructive building. It is named after the medieval fortified town of Carcassonne in southern France, famed for its city rulee.

There is nothing complicated about this expansion to the excellent Carcassonne as it only has 2 new rules, but it adds a lot to the original game.

Six pig meeples, and six builder meeples. My friends like this and anf such I play this expansion very often. Especially the top two. Players may use the new large follower to double their chances of controlling a city, road, or field. The fact that intersections have houses is incidental.

In particular I remember it introduced Abbey tiles which can be used to fill in difficult gaps I usually play using them just as score markers or give them only to newbies to balance the game a simple handicap. The other road segments do not receive the bonus or the negative effect. Throw these tiles into your tile bag with the base game tiles. No one cares how bad you can burn someone. Sign In Don’t have an account?


The carcassonne reddit source for news, information, and discussion about modern board games. Got a carcawsonne photo for the banner? How does each one change the strategy and gameplay? This provides an incentive to finish certain roads and cities you have started, and it also provides other players an incentive carcwssonne try and stop you from finishing them.

I do not know of any other expansion that allows that in just one rule. You now have an incentive to be aggressive, whereas in the original Carcassone such insidious plotting required more careful planning and an extra turn to place two followers. Please see the wiki carcassonnne a full explanation of the rules.

Inns & Cathedrals

Username Password Remember Me Lost your password? And six barns, one for each player.

Traders and Builders Mod: This is the first expansion for Carcassonne. Submit a new link.

For more information, please see my previous explanation in my Carcassonne [Base Game] review. Views Read Edit View history. This is exciting because gules a builder on a city gives you an extra turn that increases your chances of completing your city and gaining the tokens. New Tiles There are 18 new tiles with this expansion.

Carcassonne (board game) – Wikipedia

Traders give players a strong incentive to complete each other’s cities – something that would be ridiculous in the basic game. Still a bit weird, but much less so than the other 5.


A lot of thought can be applied to how you manage this feature of the game. It’s a continuous road. It includes a separate set of pre-numbered tiles that must be assembled to create a castle. But you can also use it as a weapon against your opponent by placing it in one of his cities, thus making it a bit harder especially toward the end of the game to complete the city and denying him any points for that city if he does not complete it.

The Inns and Cathedrals in the title are interesting, adding 1pt per tile to cities and roads, but ONLY if you finish them. Check out our AMA Calendar for our latest information.

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Even catedrals adding the River helps no end. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of cathedfalsprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Got a neat photo for the banner? One of challenges of Carcassone was farming. Thus, followers from different fields contributed to the scoring for a city, and followers on a field may contribute to the scoring for multiple cities.

The game starts with a single terrain tile face up and 71 others shuffled face down for the players to draw from.