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With over pages, the new Caplugs Product Catalog offers thousands of solutions including caps, plugs, packaging, tubing and the Shercon masking line. would like to sample, just select the Caplugs No. of any part listed in this catalog. Use one of the reply cards attached to the inside back cover. Just fill in the “. Search in Caplugs catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the information you need in 1 click.

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Our glide line is now Designed with a durable pull-tab to ensure quick and easy removal. Buffalo, NY Locations.

Caplugs, a global leader in protective solutions sinceoffers extensive custom molding capabilities and a catalog of products available for same day shipment for the medical industry. Click here for an update on the tariff impact to Caplugs products. For more than 65 years, Caplugs has been a leader in plastic product protection and offers a variety of catalog cataloy custom solutions designed specifically for the orthopedic market.

With a wide range of 31 available sizes and a clear color, these caps are able to cover a variety of tip and port dimensions while allowing full visibility of the application being protected. As a qualified supplier to more than 1, medical customers including implant manufacturers, Caplugs protects vital components during shipping, storage, and processing.

Plastic Protection For Medical Tools And Devices Caplugs is the only true national plastic molder of protective and functional parts for both medical devices and equipment. Founded inCaplugs has been a leading manufacturer of premium protection products including caps, plugs, tubing, edge liners, wraparound tapes, and netting for more than 50 years.

These cxtalog can also be pushed deep into ports that need the plug to sink below the surface of the csplugs. Aircraft Window Masks protect against paint, stripping agents.


Caplugs has been a global leader in plastic molding with six different molding processes and thousands of material options. Built on caplhgs foundation of service and quality, Save Supplier Add To Shortlist. Our warehouses store over , parts ready to ship same-day. In-house engineers bring you from design and prototyping to tooling and production with comprehensive material options and molding capabilities.

Our plugs have traditionally been available in rigid low-density polyethylene, which enabled distinct shapes and detailed ribs or flexible vinyl plugs that were soft, smooth parts without intricate detail.

Shercon Paint Removal Capluts are designed with high-quality, pressure sensitive aluminum foil to safeguard windows by forming an impenetrable barrier against chemical stripping agents.

Century Fasteners: Caplugs

The tethered end allows the cap to hang catakog from the application when the cap is not in use, but keeps it attached to the fitting so it’s quick and easy to find when it needs to be reapplied to the application. We have over 15, standard products that include plastic caps and plugs, netting, tubing, containers and masking devices.

Broadest line of pipe and flange protection offers easy installation and removal — always in-stock and ready to ship. The SVV Series of sterilization validation vials are designed cztalog for sterilization validation in the medical field. January 30, – Buffalo, NY – Caplugs introduces a new series of center pull-tab plugs without a flange. Sign In caolugs view. Center Pull-Tab Plugs are available without flange. Whether you need a custom molded solution or an in-stock component, our dedicated team of medical experts is available to guide you through the process.

June 22, – Buffalo, N. Caplugs is the only true national plastic molder of protective and functional parts for both medical devices and equipment. These covers can be stretched over a variety of industrial applications to protect them from dust, contaminants and moisture. Vials For Sterilization Validation: Is this your business?


The MCN-TCP Series of tethered plastic caps are made from a low-density polyethylene to protect medical tubes and ports from contamination. April 27, – Buffalo, N.

Plastic Caps Plastic Plugs Masking. Stay up to date on industry news and trends, product announcements and the latest innovations. Serving over 1, medical customers as the only national molder of protective and functional components.

Plastic Caps

The caps are constructed from USP class VI silicone, and are designed for easy removal and reapplication for a variety of medical procedures such as fluid draining. Caplugs Custom Medical Molding Caplugs has been a global leader in plastic molding with six different molding processes and thousands of material options.

June 23, – Buffalo, NY – Caplugs offers a new line of clear stretchable covers. The company is equipped with comprehensive in-house capabilities from part design to full-scale production. Use our economical caps to shield your application from impact damage, moisture, and contaminants. The CSC series, commonly known as shower caps, are economical covers for just about anything.

The SRC-MED Series of medical silicone caps from Caplugs are designed to protect the ends of medical instruments, tube ends, and other delicate projections. With more than 5, standard catalog items and 3, custom designs, we have a part for every application. And with million parts in stock, we can ship your order today.

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