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Los Cantos de Maldoror: Conde de Lautréamont (Spanish Edition) [Isidore Ducasse] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Los Cantos de. CANTOS DE MALDOROR [Conde de Lautreamont] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Los cantos de Maldoror [ISIDORE) CONDE DE LAUTREAMONT (DUCASSE] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare book.

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Very little is known about Isidore’s childhood, except that he was baptized on 16 November in the cathedral of Montevideo and that his mother died soon afterwards, probably due to an epidemic. What do I know? It is obvious from the start that there is no actual hate present in his expression.

The best example of this is when Maldoror is watching a ship sink and delights in the forthcoming annihilation of the crew and passengers. Did Ducasse choose the pseudonym? Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. I climbed the mountain until I reached the top: And—as in Magritte’s case where there is no obvious recourse to either automatic techniques or collage —the very notion of convulsive joining became a tool for revelation in and of itself.

That said, history has shown the author was a huge influence on wonderful Surreal Art produced in later centuries. He does, however, identify with outcasts, with prostitutes [with whom he claims to have made a pact to ruin families] and hermaphrodites.

Jun 06, Hadrian rated it it was amazing Shelves: What has become of that lay? Les Chants de Maldoror.

Les Chants de Maldoror – Wikipedia

Oautreamont was brought up to speak three languages: I was sure that the author had to be in bad health when he wrote this; when I read his bio what there isapparently it may have been as bad as I guessed – even if he only starved to death from Napoleon’s war – but I suspect he lautreakont diseased as well.

But this isn’t one of those. Yet ccantos is increasingly the shark that haunts my mind like he haunts the sea, silently slicing through the darkness until he is upon me, intent on ripping out my throat! How feeb If you have been following my reviews for any length of time you will be aware that there are many things of which I am afraid.


For unless he is able to bring to his reading a rigorous logic and a spiritual tension equal llautreamont least to his distrust, the deadly emanations of this maloror will imbibe his soul as sugar absorbs water. And what an abundant source of error and misapprehension all partial truth is!

But regardless of Dent’s skill as a translator, the book is severely marred by numerous typos—the least of which simply annoy the reader, while the worst seriously limit one’s understanding of the text. Inas a five-year-old, he experienced the end of the eight-year Siege of Montevideo in the Argentine-Uruguayan War.

There’s no plot and no structure, just page after page of debauchery. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Maldoror is a trip, and what a trip it is. View all 5 comments. We do not know precisely. Vollmann discovered the permission to allow his prose to malsoror and his imagination to range.

Maldoror = Les Chants de Maldoror, together with a translation of Lautréamont’s Poésies

To When I was at university, a TA in one of my poetry courses gave me this book and I was completely fascinated by it. The procedure is notoriously unreliable. It’s like one of the more ridiculous sections of Naked Lunchbut for pages. And when I say that, I mean it. For example in one case, Maldoror copulates with a sharkeach admiring the others’ violent nature, while in another, the narrator has a pleasant dream that he is a hog.

A Short Survey of Surrealism.

Los cantos de Maldoror by Comte de Lautréamont (1 star ratings)

The juxtaposition of urban city scenes and rural shoreline scenes may be cantps by Ducasse’s time in Paris and Montevideorespectively. I don’t know how to explain it but if your into experimental lit or act like you are on alternate Tuesdays and Thursdays like I do then you really should check this out.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. My skin is encrusted with the scabs and scales of leprosy, and covered with yellow pus. Children, one assumes because they are representative of innocence and purity, are paid special attention, with Maldoror extolling ce pleasures of abusing and then freeing them, so that one is seen as both their torturer and their saviour.


Thus such elements as collage were introduced, arising partly from an ideal of startling juxtapositions as revealed in Pierre Reverdy’s poetry. Apart from these opening segments, each chapter is typically an isolated, often surreal episode, which does not seem at first to be directly related to the surrounding material. Biography and memoirsBiographyLiterature and literary criticismEuropeWestern EuropeFrance, Long heralded as a kind of “work of evil”, it’s clear almost from the get-go that this is a colossal joke which merits closer study.

Review of Contemporary Fiction. He is swift and agile madness, with the skin of an elephant and teeth like the sharpest shards of glass. This final, violent episode has been interpreted as a killing of the traditional novel form, in favor of Maldoror’s experimental writing. A century and a half later, one of the two lives on.

I am riddled with lice. How feeble, how ungainly man seems when compared to this creature, how unlike a God.

Supported by remittances from his father, he lived in furnished flats, changing his address frequently but never leaving the neighbourhood of the Grands Boulevards and the Bourse.

After a brief stay lautreajont his father in Montevideo, Ducasse settled in Paris at the end of Explore the Home Gift Guide. This book is consider the ancestor of surrealism, and having been written in the s was way ahead of its time. Be the first to review this item Amazon Best Sellers Rank: Return to Book Page.

The literary career of Isidore Ducasse, successor to Sade, Byron and Baudelaire and a model for Rimbaud, Jarry and the Surrealists, has been virtually a posthumous one. You maintain that my ideas are at least singular.