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Re: Simple question – Bach BWV Prelude it would take an already skilled (though not necessarily virtuoso) guitarist with good practicing. [PDF] – Guitar solo (standard notation) – Baroque * License: Creative Commons Attribution -. Suite in E major, BWV a (Bach, Johann Sebastian) .. Prélude; Loure; Gavotte en Rondeau; Menuett I; Menuett II; Bourrée; Gigue. Year/Date of.

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There are other pieces, like BWVthat I play regularly but still preluds to my guutar. What have been your own experiences? Maybe I will never be fully satisfied with my abilities, except for these precious rare moments, when everything seems to go the right way.

Preludf heard many editions of it and many guitarist are unable to express it efficiently. Set reasonable musical goals for yourself, and enjoy them. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker on our website.

Of course, any answer would start with “It depends I just hope to have a good day and record a decent take. I know, I know, I refer to it as my “bonus piece,” as opposed to my regular repertoire. It seems to me that this piece is an example of something that someone works on for a bit, then puts away for a while, only to come back more mature and with a different musical worldview. This service works with Youtube, Dailymotion. Moreover, I fear that my failure to attain this goal may, in fact, have added an additional impediment in actually achieveing same.


Your work obligations guitra prevent you from doing the daily practice required to do this kind of piece at a good level.

Simple question – Bach BWV Prelude – Classical Guitar

That said and in general, for me it’s at least three times longer then my first estimate. I am sure the ‘world class’ artists would have easier.

Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. So, I quit setting a time oriented goal with respect pelude any piece, other than those requred for my next lesson and that is certainly not performance grade.

I guess that is why people practise and improve. I could never really settle into it so I figured I wasn’t ready for it Follow this arranger Be informed by email for any addition or update of the sheet music and MP3 of this artist.

It helps to have big hands for that piece. I am just looking for a simple answer on a subject that is not simple, just for fun.

That’s five years of real time, not playing time, so there will be gaps of varying length between practicing and “fermenting”. I’ve only really been taking lessons for three 3 years and so, by Segovia’s rule, I’m down to maybe performing a Guifar scale.


After all I read somewhere on here that Segovia did not like to play anything bbwv that he had not had “under his fingers” for at least two 2 years.

Uns ist ein Kind geboren. As difficult as it is for me, it’s so rewarding to play that piece Do not see this window again for the duration of the session.

Suite in E major, BWV 1006a (Bach, Johann Sebastian)

I did not quite mean to the level of performing for the an audience, but it nevertheless epitomizes the mastery of a piece. I took a decade plus to do a decent job on the Op.

This is what I have been saying to myself all these years playing for the only audience of one. I have a wife and three children and a mortgage, etc.

Be the first to write down a comment. A hobby player like myself may take years to polish a piece.