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Patrick Kelly’s (pages 6 – 49). Bob Boyce Catalytic H20 Sealed Series Cell Design. Cell Box with Toroid and controller. High-Voltage Series Cells. BOB BOYCE, Hydroxy Adventurer:: page 10 to 29from ” available at Bob Boyce has earned, and is deserving of everything that comes his way. Yes Bob the D9 document implies that you were able to produce.

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His use of SS was due to it’s being readily available as a stock item. These cell boxes are approved by Bob Boyce, but not built for marine or auto application. You can wait another 30 years for Bob Boyce to “develop” something! Consequently, the actual environmental power surge is far, far in excess of this 10, Amps.

A possible circuit for doing that is shown here: It there is a large amount of spare space, then the plate size may be selected by allowing from two to four square inches of area on both sides of each plate, per ampere of current. Hear it from the man who is ahead of his field, from a recent Hydrogen Show.

Provided that this situation remains for a second or two, capacitor C2 charges up and the voltage on the base of transistor Tr1 rises, causing it to switch on. I have tried to correct them for years and have simply given up on these continued misquotes. Then we are warned that this can cause surges of up to “10, amps of current”. In answer to the question on gas volume, yes, the volume increased dramatically during resonance, while current draw went way down.

While Botce was running those small marine race engines on straight DC series cells, I never had any problems with outside interference. This means even though they boh tightly packed right up against one another at the center hole, they bobb not be wound so that they bunch up and gap open around the periphery. Mainly for running stationary generators for cleaning burning power for cites. He has numerous “followers” that will believe anything he says A catalyst has some quality that speeds the chemical reaction.


These wires should be insulated to make sure that they do not short-circuit to either or both of the plates on each side of them. Cleanse and condition the cell. This is the weakest part of my research, as no web search has turned up anything like a definitive burn rate to gasoline.

Bob Boyce and the PWM3G

Under no circumstances should the electrolyser or bubbler be located in the passenger area of the vehicle, even if pop-off caps are provided and boycs second protective outer housing is provided, as the explosive force is so great that permanent hearing damage would be a serious danger.

The container must not be glass as that is not a suitable material in which to mix the electrolyte. Bob the D9 document implies that you were able to produce goyce LPM with around W of power using your resonance board? Should I feel sorry for myself now when you posted all our e-mails here?

The first step is to treat both surfaces of every plate to encourage gas bubbles to break away from the surface bon the plate. His design is described here with his kind permission. The inverter will run much better if not used at its maximum load all the time, so perhaps a current of hoyce Am;s might be used as the target current. The summation and driver section could have many different implementations.

I am working towards continuing that research.

Stan broke down ordinary tap water using very little current and a waveform like this: Many sites with academic or professional papers are subscription only and quite expensive. The most common thing about these “researchers” is their use of “para-scientific jargon”.

Be apart of the new future in the Free Energy Revolution. The fun is in examining the illustrations of the drive board on page Whatever you do, be very careful of materials! To try to clarify this, a transformer would have an output that was strongly related to the input.


101 Plate Boyce Hydrogen Cell

The transformer design depends on the cell curent and cell voltage. Posted by Wendy in forum: It is easy boyyce imagine how misinformation and outright scams can be perpetrated thanks to the ubiquity of the internet.

The Second Church of Pseudo-Science is gonna getcha! This process produces hydroxy gas, so it is very important that the gas is not allowed to collect anywhere indoors such as on ceilings.

Water as FUEL

Tape the entire core well with tightly-stretched PVC electrical tape after winding, to ensure that the primary windings do not move and then add an outer layer of winding tape. After two to three days of run time, pour out the dilute KOH solution and rinse out the electrolyser thoroughly with distilled water.

This is done in two different directions to produce a cross-hatch pattern. I would byoce of hate to buy a pig in a poke, but that is what is going on here. If wound the wrong direction booyce overlaping, or not even,it may not work correctly.

BOB BOYCE new small cell 8 LPM

Search for “water fuel” into the Radio Blog’s search box. Low Cost Clean Energy News. The rest is history as they say.

And an alternative view of the component layout is: Do not allow the cells to overfill and overflow at this point.

Aug 15, For the moment, we will stick with the solution used by Stan and Bob, and assume that three primary windings will be used. Clearly, Bob was onto a good thing, so he investigated it further.