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Blowback has ratings and reviews. Gary said: This author keeps coming up with ways to keep the story fresh. In a James Rollins/Dan Brown type.. . Archaeologists make a stunning discovery in a pass high in the French – Italian Alps, but do not live to tell the tale. A year later, Islamic. Blowback by Brad Thor – Scot Harvath’s counterterrorism career has just crashed and burned—thanks in part to a ruthless senator with her sights set on the.

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My conclusion on the author after reading just one book is that he is second to none.

Scot Harvath 1 – 10 of 19 books. He prefers low class entertainment: Possible 1 “unintended consequences of failed foreign policy or botched covert action”, 2 “CIA How did warriors battle before?

Pulling all strings, Scot gets an audience with the Saudi Crown Prince and thwarts the cabal just in time to minimize losses back in the US.

Feb 12, Jimena rated it it was ok. Too many threads, backstories. It was brae of historical references, coupled with tense actions scenes. It’s also better than a Daniel Silva thriller which is saying a lot.

Review of ‘Blowback’ by Brad Thor

He is not confused about what’s right and wrong, or, about his own sexuality. They are checking up on some Christian missionaries who haven’t been heard of but are startled to find half the village dead from a horrible, flu Archaeologists make a stunning discovery in tho pass high in the French — Italian Alps, but do not live to tell the tale.

No doubt about it, many of the the action scenes were exciting and well written, but the existence of the weapon and how it survived was brush stroke and questionable at best, the connection between the weapon and the intra-Muslim faith tensions too self-serving; and the various political conspiracies way too convenient.

And it just drug on forever, at least a pages morethan needed It’s been quite a while since I finished reading “State of the Union”, and reading this book was like visiting with an old friend. Too much boring politicos, Helen. Like, literally, they will blwback into remote mountain fortresses and land in the middle of raging firefights sneak through heavily guarded compounds all so that they can ominously enter a conversation on just the right phrase.


More information about text formats. I kid you not—it is actually worth the read just for that.

She claims her father was Sherpa on original group that extracted Hannibal artifacts. Then a temporary ceremony, commonly used, takes little time, lets them approach areas forbidden before.

I find this book to be behind the others in the series, although a must read if you wanna go more in deep in to the skin of Scot Harvath.

As always, military knowledge reigns supreme and the tech and toys have a realistic feel.

Want to Read saving…. Source data for the plague is contained in an ancient Persian book Arthashastra, which Hannibal the Cathaginian General incorporated into his tactics and planned to use against the Romans but lost his weaponry and his elite men in the frozen Alps bordering France-Italy.

I’m routinely disappointed, but I still keep it up. Mar 17, Jason rated it liked it Shelves: Books by Brad Thor. In busy city bazaar, TV news exposes our hero agent Scot catching vendor, substituted for escaped Assassin Alomari. I get to imagine Blowbafk accents, desert heat, sand wonderful in snowy cold Canada. Is next line a joke?

The whole thing reeked of a one sided partisan cheer squad. A chapter ago the king loved his son so much he risked his blowbzck rather than banish him.

Blowback | Book by Brad Thor | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Although wend it gets to the that point, the scenes, specially the action ones, are up to the challenge. Perhaps your political perspective can affect summation of this book, but I felt that it was a great idea, muddied by a whole lot of convenient nefarious goings on, which contributed little to the thrill and nothing to the action. Read the full review at my site Digital Amrit A year later, Islamic scientists begin dying in seeming accidents or outright assassinations and kidnappings all around the world.

I finally realized I wasn’t forgetting names from before. Scot Harvath returns to kick some more ass in this action-packed adventure! His nickname is “Norseman” for crying out loud! If you get lucky occasionally some of these books can switch between the two categories seamlessly without affecting your overall enjoyment of any of the book. There are two broad classifications into which thrillers that I read seem to fit.


Finally, it hit the two level as I simply could not say that I enjoyed it. This Harvarth guy will disappoint you.

Book Review of Blowback by Brad Thor at AustCrimeFiction

Harvath’s career as a field agent is in total jeopardy, with a ruthless senator who has her eyes on the White Nrad, and has a dream of becoming the next President of the United States, and intending to bring down the current President, using a mole in the CIA who is digging up information on Harvath and his past top-secret black ops assignments.

Definitions of title can be found in many pages. Then, moments later, he shoots the braf in btad knee and kills the villain, then tortures the son shooting off a couple of fingers rationalizing to himself that the only reason the king wanted his son alive was to torture him to death anyway.

I just could not take this story and vlowback anymore. Fine so far, but then it drops quickly to a four due to the writing skills of the author, to me lacking in composition. Then there are the psychological, the creepy, the leave the lights on, fasten your seatbelts, things could get hairy here types — in this category Tom Clancy, Len Deighton, John LeCarre, Robert Ludlum, Scott Turow and Frederick Forsyth and many many others.

Oh well, I like this author and I’ll definitely read on. Scot Harvath’s counterterrorism career has just crashed and burned — thanks in part tho a ruthless senator with her sights set on the White House. While this provided evidence and background related to the deadly illness about to be released upon the world, it was more like puffery to me and caused me to lose grip of the narrative.

Jul 21, Doran Barton rated it really liked it. I enjoyed it but its not the best of its brrad is no Jason Bourne but then, who is?