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Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures invites us into a world where the ordinary becomes the critical in a matter of seconds. A formidable debut, it is a profound and. Dr. Vincent Lam’s Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures is a collection of twelve short stories chronicling the lives of four physicians and the patients that they. Bloodletting and miraculous cures. Reviewed by Michael Lock, MD CCFP FRCPC. AUTHOR Vincent Lam, PUBLISHER Random House of Canada Ltd,

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Bloodletting way that Lam introduced these characters and their situations and lives was incredible. Jul 30, Lyn Zuberbuhler rated it really liked it. Oct 24, Rosa rated it liked it.

There is some lovely use of language, an engaging ability to write “in the moment”, ie the focus on the small details of setting when an emotionally charged moment is taking place. Lists with This Book. My favourite stories were the first three, I felt there bloodlegting more care and craft in them.

In it, Lam evokes the tides to enhance the metaphor of the story. In other words, he tells his story like it often is, and not like we would wish it to be. Like Vincent on Facebook. Nurse Lydia 7 episodes, Which villain would come out on top? Refresh and try again. It was a good read, I have definitely had a few of the same experiences and feelings in my medical career that these doctors experienced.

Ming 8 episodes, Shawn Ashmore This is a book of short stories revolving around 4 characters. The author, Vincent Lam, is an emergency physician currently working in Toronto, Ont. I love Lam’s writing style that gripped my attention and didn’t let go; written mostly in plain English, the book is a very accessible view into the world of budding doctors. Ming and Janice achieve their goal of stretching human pain and trust thresholds by sort of going with the flow. OB Nurse 2 episodes, Stefanie Drummond Maria 3 episodes, Paula Rivera Everything flows together beautifully.


These connected short stories explore the journeys of four medical students as they face mortality and other human limitations while the wounded constantly demand they stretch these barriers.

Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures

I don’t want to give anything away but the Winston chapter was so heartbreaking I felt really choked up by it, really amazing stuff and An Insistent Tide is beautiful, and both have some nice twists in them. Because their motivations were clean, they were certain they deserved it more than those among them.

Bloodletting and Miraculous cures by Vincent Lam 1 9 Oct 01, Niki 2 episodes, Nov 20, Thomas Mckeough rated it really liked it.

You feel you have to define abdomen? We know one of them survives, because he appears in a later story. Norby 2 episodes, Marilla Wex It did rebound a little bit at the end when things started to wrap up, but the middle chunk and the last story itself were incredibly poor. The book discusses the thoughts and worries of people involved in medicine as they progress from premed to medical school to practice, but it does not provide insight into their trials and tribulations.

Open Preview See a Problem? Jan 26, Julia rated it liked it Shelves: Bloodletting and Miraculous cures by Vincent Lam. I admit, I was dreading starting this book, I was afraid that it would be dull and I would struggle to read it. Tomas Wilhelm 2 episodes, Jun 07, Steven Buechler rated it it was amazing.

Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures by Vincent Lam

It speaks of the undeniable need to address more than the physiological, but also the breadth and scope of the fragility of the human conditionbe it physical or otherwisefor doctors and patients.

And if you do like short stories, this should definitely be on your list. Well, he dropped a ton of potential storylines in order to go completely episodic and only decides to go back to the plots introduced curew the beginning in the last 60 pages of the book at a very This book was so good and so disappointing at the same time. Niki 2 episodes, Stuart Hughes Jan 13, Lorri rated it it was amazing. At first I thought it would be like Scrubs but without the comedy, but I was wrong.


Bloodletting and miraculous cures

Miraculpus, for any authors out there reading this, note bloodlettibg I DO continue to keep an open mind! A practicing ER physician, Vincent Lam delivers a precise and intimate portrait of the medical profession in his fiction niraculous. Although the early stories succeed in making the reader care about the characters, the latter half of Bloodletting does not live up to its full potential for character development.

It’s got a nice flow to it and Lam doesn’t feel the need to moraculous you in the face with exposition every time the narrative jumps a few months or years, you can fill in the blanks nicely from the information he does give you. I bought it during my brief phase where I was convinced I wanted to go into the medical field before remembering that I’m terrified of all bodily fluids and hate peopleand once that phase had passed, never got around to reading it.

Short stories are not really my favourite type of reading, but this was here, and I’d heard good things about it, so I read it.