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From the writing of her first book, Beyond the Veil: Male-Female Dynamics in Modern Muslim Society in , Mernissi has sought to reclaim Fatima Mernissi. In Beyond the Veil, Fatima Mernissi argues that the Islamic view of women as Regarded as a classic book in the United States, Beyond the Veil has never. An expanded and updated edition of this classic study includes a new introduction on Muslim women and fundamentalism, in which Fatima Mernissi argues that.

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As a feminist, her work represents an attempt to undermine the ideological and political systems that silence and oppress Muslim women. Female access to non-domestic space is put under the control of makes.

Womens Liberation in Muslim Countries. Mernissi seems to agree with what Ahed says, as well as other Muslim women.

Selected pages Title Page. In Beyond the Veil, Fatima Mernissi argues Sexual Anomie As Revealed by the Data 6.

Mernissi, Fatima

The early Muslimahs were strong, powerful, independent women! Drawing on popular source materials, Mernissi explores the disorientating effects of modern life on male-female relations, looks at the male-female unit as a basic element of the structure of the Muslim world. Media Beyond the Veil.

Mernissi’s work explores the relationship between sexual ideology, gender identity, sociopolitical organization, and the status of women in Islam; her ebyond focus, however, is Moroccan society and culture.


An Islamic feminist whose books have been published in twenty-six countries, she is the bestselling author of “Dreams of Trespass: Table of Contents Muslim Women and Fundamentalism: This is a remarkably accessible book, for the western reader who is interested in understanding or beginning to understand the dynamics of modern Muslim society – it is written from within, but with the western reader in veli.

Introduction to Beyond the Veil by Fatema Mernissi | A Year of Feminist Classics

Introduction to the Revised Edition Preface: References to this book Thinking about Women: Soros Oria April 4, at 7: No eBook available Amazon. Drawing on popular source materials, Mernissi explores the disorienting effects of modern life on male-female mernjssi, looks at the male-female unit as a basic element of the structure of the Muslim system, and shows us the sexual dynamics of the Muslim world.

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, fatimw phone. Suggested Supplementary Reading Translated by Mary Jo Lakeland. Mernissi’s recent work continues to challenge the traditional Muslim discourse on gender and the status of women.

For Mernissi, Islamic sexual ideology is predicated on a belief in women’s inherent sexual power which, if left uncontrolled, would wreak havoc on the male-defined social order; hence the necessity to control women’s sexuality and to safeguard Muslim society through veiling, segregation, and the legal subordination of women. Such traditions as veiling and domestic isolation arose from a desire to control the potential threat posed to the social order by womens sexuality.


Sex and Marriage Before Islam. She does this in two ways, first, by challenging the dominant Muslim male discourse concerning women and their sexuality, and second, by providing the “silent” woman with a “voice” to tell her own story. She critically examines the classical corpus of religious-juristic texts, including the hadithand reinterprets them from a feminist perspective.

Beyond the Veil – Fatima Mernissi – Google Books

Interviews with Moroccan Women. Search by title, author, keyword or ISBN. Roots of the Modern Situation.

In this expanded and updated edition, with a new introduction on Muslim women and fundamentalism, Mernissi argues that Islamic fundamentalism is in part a defense against recent changes in sex roles and perceptions of sexual identity. Internationally renowned sociologist Fatima Mernissi argues that many Muslim scholars historically portrayed women as active and in posession of an aggressive sexuality.

In this book I want to demonstrate that there is a fundamental contradiction between Islam as interpreted in official policy and equality between the sexes. Other editions – View all Beyond the Veil: