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Konzernweit sorgen MitarbeiterInnen bei Bahn und Bus (zusätzlich rund Lehrlinge) dafür, dass täglich rund 1,3 Millionen Reisende sicher an ihr. Zur zügigen Klärung Ihrer Teilnehmerbeschwerde zum Anbieterwechsel ist es für die. Bundesnetzagentur und die betroffenen Unternehmen sehr hilfreich, wenn. Fahrgastrechte von Bahnreisenden nach Verordnung (EG) Nr. / 1. Beim Kauf eines Bahntickets Online-Beschwerdeformular für den Busverkehr.

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Please note that a delay or cancellation of public transport can always occur. Transportation of battery-operated wheelchairs or mobility aids may be impossible due to the size of and the mandatory weight restrictions for the cargo compartment. Passenger-related fees such as fees calculated beschwerdeformlar passenger shall be deducted; statutory conditions apply for the refund.

Name changes free of charge and only possible until 2 hours before departure of the first leg. Germania may, at its own discretion, accept weapons as checked baggage.

Please note that refund is only possible to the credit bsechwerdeformular or bank account that has been used for the payment of the booking. Furthermore, Germania is entitled to transfer passport data and personal data processed and utilised in connection with transport by air to government agencies at home and abroad, provided the respective request for transfer submitted by the government agency takes place on the basis of mandatory statutory provisions and hence is necessary for the satisfaction of the transport contract.

Mobile costs may vary. Deitsche Presse Impressum Datenschutz Sitemap. Other rights of the passenger remain unaffected. We use cookies and tracking tools on our website.

Allocation of passengers to the carriage categories specified above depends on their age at the time they embark on the booked flight. If the weight of the checked baggage is not indicated on the baggage tag, it is hereby agreed that the total weight of the checked baggage does not exceed the admissible free baggage allowance for the corresponding carriage class. If the performing airline is not identical to the contractual airline, the passenger can direct their report or claim for gahn to any of the two businesses.


ÖBB – Fahrgastrechte

For cabin baggage the airline is only liable for culpable conduct. Therefore, you are obliged to choose a railway connection that enables you to arrive at the airport at latest 2 hours – for flights to Lebanon or Israel at latest 3 hours – prior to planned departure.

Further methods of payment may be accepted when booking in a travel agency or at a Germania ticket desk. Germania must be notified of the cancellation of a booked flight or other confirmed service e g. Name deuteche between the booking and flight departure are only possible free of charge in case of proven civil changes; otherwise the modalities concerning change in the flight booking named under point 6 apply.

This also applies if the passenger has notified in advance, that he will not take the flight.


In any case, child restraint systems are notifiable in advance. Passengers must arrive at the check-in counter at a time that enables them to complete check-in and be in possession of a boarding pass no later than 45 minutes prior to the booked time of departure.

Any other electronic devices may only be used with the permission of the cabin crew. This means that Germania can request passengers to limit the number of such pieces or can refuse to transport such baggage at all.



Germania will not assume liability for items accepted for carriage despite unsuitable packaging that was not detected at the time of acceptance, and the passenger will remain responsible and liable for suitable packaging. Plastic or metal toy guns, catapults, cutlery, razors with secured or open blades, conventional toys that could be used as weapons, knitting needles, rackets, billiard, snooker or polo sticks or other equipment for sports or bwhn leisure activities that could be used as weapons including skateboards, fishing poles or paddles and all other beschwerdeformuoar items are not allowed in the cabin.

The free baggage allowance for infants less than two years of age is one piece weighing no more than 10 kg. Please baahn aware of the remarks on our homepage www. In case of a code share flight the general conditions of carriage of the operating carrier apply and shall prevail in the event of conflicts between these general conditions of carriage and those of the operatinig carrier.

Please be sure to consult regulations applicable in various different countries. It is only allowed to pack up sports beschwerdeformulae in the sports baggage.

GMI – Germania |

The date of receipt of the letter at Germania is determining. Where possible, Germania will inform the passenger about the change. The passenger-related increase is directly passed on to the passenger. Golf bags and other sports bescywerdeformular must be checked in packaging suitable for carriage.

Flex Economy Rebookings free of charge and possible until 2 hours before departure.