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View and Download Uniden BCT15 owner’s manual online. scanner radio with Trunk Tracker III and automatic scanning capabilities. BCT15 Scanner pdf. Uniden BCT15 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Uniden BCT15 Owner’s Manual. Get support for your Uniden BCT15X Scanner at Uniden Customer Support. Corporate Info · Find Your Product Scanners BCT15X User Manual.

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When that happens, each subdivision will be assigned a digit fromresulting in codes such as, and so on.

I n Close Call Hold mode: Set Lockout determines whether a group will be scanned or not even if the quick key for the group is turned on. Bear Tracker Scanning When you have selected a state and then one or more of the services, each enabled service’s icon is displayed on the lower part of the display.

Connecting an Extension Speaker In a noisy area, an optional amplified extension speaker, positioned in the right place, might provide more comfortable listening. Other channel attributes alerts, etc. Only — the scanner only tracks I-calls and ignores other radio traffic on the system.

Easier to Read BCTX Scanner Manual

Press twice to ‘unlock’ Function mode and resume. Gps Review Location Mode Selecting Systems To Scan maual These scanners let you monitor the control channel frequency so you can hear calls and responses for users and more easily “follow” conversations than with a conventional scanner.


Programming System Settings Then, select the system type: This feature allows you to get a “picture” of spectrum activity across the selected range, identify intermittently active frequencies, check antenna performance, check coax quality, verify coverage areas, and identify interference. Turning on the Scanner and Setting the Squelch. When they are disabled, the icons disappears from the display.

Top Questions for Uniden BCT15X Scanner

Conventional systems have frequency groups and trunking systems have ID groups no more scan lists. To turn Alert Mute on or offtemporary: To Use Priority Scan you must first set your priority channels.

Set Attenuator conventional only. The first time the scanner starts receiving a signal from the GPS, it beeps and briefly displays ‘ GPS Connected ‘ and temporary locks and unlocks all sites and groups that are ‘enabled for scan’, unlocked, and whose quick key is enabled according to your current location. Channels per Trunked System: Press to e nter Menu Mode.

Uniden Support – Downloads and Manuals

Nothen the channel number and press MENU. Broadcast screen is not effective during some service searches. Finding Repeater Output Frequencies This bct115 is a culmination of the Wiki, the CD manual, pages!? Then see Storing a Displayed ID. Pause lets you select how long the scanner waits after a hit before mwnual returns to the previous operation.


You can also do this by pressing then 3 each time while scanning or searching. If there are more priority channels than the value you select, the channels are divided into more than one group and the scanner scans each group in turn.

Uniden BCT15 Owner’s Manual

The quick manhal for the system s and group s containing the priority channel s have to be enabled and unlocked or the scanner will display ‘Priority Scan No Channel’. Set Attenuator conventional only. You typically set the front port to match the speed used to communicate with your PC default bps and the back port to the speed used to communicate with an attached GPS device default bps.

The default setting is 2 seconds. Press Hold to resume scanning. Set Alert Tone All unlocked channels will be scanned at least once regardless of this setting.

Off — the scanner does not output any audio. State-by-State Preprogrammed Channels – lets you easily monitor activity on local Police, Department of Transportation, and Highway Patrol frequencies when you travel without having to program any channels.

Set Lockout determines whether a system will be scanned or not even if the quick key for the system is turned on.