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RULES BATTLE AT THE BERRICS This is flatground only, but that doesn’t mean anything Defensive toe drag has a bigger margin for error,. Submission Rules: 1. Skateboarding Pictures and Videos Only. YOUR POST MUST CONTAIN VIDEOS AND/OR PICTURES OF. The only acceptable reason to go on the Berrics is if it’s BATB and Luan is one of the two . Berrics has been going downhill for a long time.

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Next, let’s breakout the tricks again, this time by skater. Generally, skaters who made it further in the tournament landed more of their batyle. The post has established useful to me. Diving deeper, we can compare the timeline of each match. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Battle at the Berrics

This is just a taste. If you know nothing about skateboarding, I hope this gives you an overview of the exciting competition. They both are, incredible talent displayed. A toe drag gets one do over. This page was last edited on 11 Octoberat Best of luck for the next!

If you’re looking for spots or people to skate with in your area [browse through this list. Mike Vallely Just watch it, simple. No trick may be set more than once in the same game and a skater defending on their last letter may receive two attempts at that trick.


Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Trent McClung was an exception to this rule. That was hilarious, I haven’t seen that one before. Zur Reinigung h lt man die heilsteine lexikon oder den Schmuck fr berrkcs Tage in eine Sch?

Views Read Edit View history. Intro Matches Tricks Skaters Outro. Among more popular tricks, the Switch Double Heelflip was the most-missed. Designed and coded by George Murphy. Return on a desktop for more.

Game of Skate – Wikipedia

Koston tried only one Nollie trick on Offense. Surprisingly, the longest matches weren’t in the final rounds. You gotta look up the rematch on youtube.

The Flip was the most-popular trick. He had the third-highest make perctange but had the disadvantage of facing off against Cody in the first round. Tricks can be grouped into four stances: NO snowboarding, snow skating, trampoline skating, ripstick, razor scooter, longboarding, ice skateboarding. Want to add to the discussion?

As a skateboarding fan, I decided to make one. Last letter gets two tries. After that team fails to perform one of their tricks, the opposing team sets a trick. The Nollie Heelflip was the most-made trick. If Moose could ta inward heels who knows how long it would have lasted. Despite being in 44 rounds, Cody only missed 12 different tricks.


Watch to see the excitement leading up to Cody’s win and Luan’s incredible style. Rbung oft auch als Kupfersmaragd oder Kieselkupfersmaragd bezeichnet. Below is the championship match.

Battle At The Berrics 4 | Series | The Berrics

Winning rock-paper-scissors and starting on offense was not a significant advantage. Don’t think it’s on the berrics. I looked on the berrics website and can’t seem to find it, you sure it was them two? If you’re a skateboarder, I hope this provides a fun summary and additional insight.

No feet on the ground. I will bookmark your blog and test once more right here frequently. Email yourself a link. Flat ths only, but, that does not mean everything on flat ground counts.

What is the most insane battle at the berrics match?