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APÉNDICE 2: ANEXOS I Y II DEL CONVENIO DE BASILEA RELATIVO A LAS El Convenio de Basilea sobre el Control de los Movimientos. MLV in pregnant sows. Prakt. Tierarzt. Smith, R.D. Veterinary clinical epidemiology: a problem-oriented approach, 2nd ed. CRC Press, Inc., Boca. Basel I is the first of three sets of regulations known individually as Basel I, II and III and together as the Basel Accords. This video file cannot be.

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Dietary excesses of leucine t growth and body composition of rainbow trout. Cytogenetic characterization and B chromosome diversity in direct-developing frogs of the genus Oreobates Brachycephaloidea, Craugastoridae.

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Concentration scaling of protein deposition kinetics JJ Ramsden Physical review letters 71 2, Effect of thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid and inositol on growth, feed efficiency and mortality of juvenile seabass.

Effects of minerals supplemented to the fish meal diet on growth of eel, Anguilla japonica. Biomaterials 23 17 bsailea, Vitamin C requirement of the Mexican native cichlid Cichlasoma urophthalmus Gunther.

Essentiality of vitamin D in diets of channel catfish Ictalurus punctatus. Pyridoxine requirements of channel catfish. Disease resistance and humoral antibody production in rainbow trout bazilea high levels of vitamin C. Dietary vitamin C and reproductive performance in cod Gadus morhua: First records of Rhamdella longiuscula from Argentina and new localities for Rhamdella cainguae Siluriformes: Advances in Tropical AquacultureTahiti, 20 de febrero – 4 de marzo de Nutritional liver disease in clutured yellowtail Seriola quinqueradiatacaused by feed deficiency.


Cytogenetic and Genome Research Journal of Fish Biology Requirement for vitamin B2. Dietary niacin requirements for channel catfish. Optimum level of dietary biotin for growth, feed utilization and swimming stamina of fingerling lake trout Salvelinus namaycush. Free amino acids in i freshwater zooplankton and dry feed: Magnesium requirement of fingerling channel catfish and signs of magnesium deficiency.

Patothenic acid requirements of channel catfish fingerlings. Effect of dietary W3 and W6 fatty acids on growth and feed conversion basilwa of coho salmon Oncorhynchus kisutch.

| Instituto de Biología Subtropical (IBS)

Fishfeeds and feeding in developing countries-an interim report on the ADCP feed development programme. Requirements for p-aminobenzoic acid and inositol. Big fish and a smallish skate eat small fish: Effect of dietary L-ascorbic acid on immature brook trout. Effects of trivalent chromium on rainbow trout.

Journal of the American Chemical Society 11, Systemic granuloma of sparid fish in culture Aquaculture Memoria espacial en monos capuchinos de Argentina: Methionine metabolism in rainbow trout fed diets of differing methionine and cystine baislea.


Stability in fish feed and bioavailability to rainbow trout of two ascorbic acid forms.

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Neo-sex chromosomes in the maculipennis species group Dichroplus: Tests of vitamin supplements and formulation changes in the Abernathy salmon diet. The relationship between dietary lipid levels and alpha-tocopherol requirement of rainbow trout.

Utilization of conventional and unconventional protein sources in practical fish feeds – a review. Pantothenic acid supplementation of diets for catfish fry. Use of Mg-L-ascorbylphosphate as a vitamin C source in shrimp diets.

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Vitamin B 6 requirement of juvenile seabass, Lates calcarifer. Biogeography of polymorphic phenotypes: Vitamin requirements of finfishes: Journal of Mammalogy Nutrient requirements of warmwater fishes.

Vitamin C in fish nutrition – a review.