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Bart D. Ehrman is a world expert in the textual criticism of the New Testament who has recently written a best-selling book entitled Misquoting Jesus. Misquoting Jesus by Bart D. Ehrman Jesus, Interrupted by Bart D. Ehrman A History of God by Karen Armstrong The Gnostic Gospels by Elaine Pagels Who. Misquoting Jesus The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why BartD. Ehrman Harper S anFranci sco A Division ofHanperCollinsPublishers Photography.

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Copies of the Jewish Bible, usually in Greek translation the so-called Septuagintwere widely available, then, in early Christian communi- ties as sources for study and reflection.

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Can people be said shrman be able to write if they can sign their name but cannot copy a page of text? As Christianity grew, it eventually converted intellectuals to the faith, who were well equipped to discuss and dismiss the charges typically raised against the Christians.

Some thought he was all human, others he was all God. Ehrman had a born-again experience in high school and was persuaded to go to Moody Bible Institute jesys further his understanding. The repetition in this book was ridiculous.

As we used to say, “Moody Bible Institute, where Bible is our middle name. The author’s barf and title are in a red used in the scholar’s robe in the graphic image that takes up half the cover’s front to which the eye is drawn to a medieval depiction of that scholar.

Misquoting Jesus – Wikipedia

To use these words to pressure others into thinking your way. He does not deny, in other words, that the Christian community is largely made up of the lower, uneducated classes. Paperbackpages.

This book is slightly more erhman than the other, and I would recommend reading Jesus, Interrupted first, then this one.

Ehfman was not just for certain theological reasons, however. We don’t even have copies of the copies ehrjan the originals, or copies of the copies of the copies of the originals.

May 24, Emily Ann Meyer rated it really liked it Recommends it for: And then, when I completed the letters of the book it was suddenly seized from my hand; but Misquotiing did not see by whom Shepherd 5. Judaism, on the other hand, was monotheistic; Jews insisted on worshiping only the one God of their ancestors, the God who, they maintained, had created this world, controlled this world, and alone provided what was needed for his people.


I found these classes to be misqquoting challenge, both academically and person- ally. In fact, virtually all of our knowledge of ancient history depends on documents like these.

It’s not one that I learned when I was pursuing my history minor and I must always keep in mind to read a variety of sources from different viewpoints if I want to find the truth.

Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why

The history it explains is completely fascinating in itself. Not in the way other fundamentalists necessarily become fascinated by The Bible, but rather really fascinated — perhaps obsessed is a better word if you can view that word positively. Fascinating but somewhat dry reading of the history of textual criticism of the bible.

Even so, the textual evidence is exceedingly rich, especially when compared to other works of antiquity.

Despite the fact that this has been a topic of sustained scholarship now for more than three hundred years, there is scarcely a single book written about it for a lay audience — that is, for those who know nothing about it, who don’t have the Greek and other languages necessary for the in-depth study of it, who do not realize there is even a “problem” with the text, but who would be in- trigued to learn both what the problems are and how scholars have set about dealing with them.

For the bookishness of Christianity was in some sense anticipated and foreshadowed by Judaism, which was the first “religion of the book” in Western civilization. Repeatedly we are told that if you compare the earliest manuscripts of the New Testament you will find that there are more differences between them than there are words in the New Testament.

John is different from Matthew — not the same. There were al- ways exceptions, of course, like the apostle Paul and the other authors whose works made it into the New Testament and who were obvi- ously skilled writers; but for the most part, Christians came from the ranks of the illiterate.

And even in the original languages. In the Sermon on the Mount, for example, Jesus is recorded as stating laws given by God to Moses, and then giving his own more radical in- terpretation of them, indicating that his interpretation is authorita- tive. I also have a better understanding of the rift between Christianity and Judaism. In a panic she contacts her friends who have mysteriously suffered similar mishaps. To me it is nothing more than religious arrogance to think that what they believe is the only way to believe.

I have been summarizing the different kinds of writings that were important misquotig the lives of the early Christian churches. I resisted any temptation to change my views, and found a number of friends who, like me, came from con- servative evangelical schools and were trying to “keep the faith” a funny way of putting it — looking back — since we were, after all, in a Christian divinity program. It is included as one misqkoting the books of the New Testa- ment, for example, in one of our oldest surviving manuscripts, the fa- mous fourth-century Codex Sinaiticus.

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It contains no mistakes. Evidence for this comes at the end of the letter, where Paul added a postscript in his own handwriting, so that the recipients would know that it was he who was enrman for the letter a common technique for dictated letters in antiquity: Doubt, combined with a relentless pursuit of truth, is a good thing. The book nonetheless portrays, accurately IMHO and in the opinion of non-biased scholars, Joseph Smith as the charlatan, conman and womanizer that he actually was.

But not only that: As it turned out, I was pretty good at the basics of the language and was always eager for more. Examples of the Problems For the first example, let’s take Paul’s letter to the Galatians. He seemed to be relishing the prideful pleasure of iconoclasm as he set himself up as the smartest man in the room to enlighten us poor simpletons who actually believe in the Bible.

Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why – Bart D Ehrman

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As we learned at Moody in one of the first courses in the curriculum, we don’t actu- ally have the original writings of the New Testament.

So rather than actu- ally having the inspired words of the autographs i. Ehrman goes over many of the reasons that these variations probably occurred in the Bible — from simple errors to deliberate changes and outright forgery, and the reasons for many of these changes.

Mar 03, Mitch rated it did not like it Shelves: They believed that each member of the community had been given a “gift” Greek: Which makes sense as these jrsus the books which were known to these new Christians.