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But I was lucky enough to see Barry Cunliffe speak about the Ancient Celts at the Oxford Literature Festival earlier this year and then to have. The Ancient Celts has ratings and 33 reviews. Jane said: Text is dry and dense on the whole, with the thrust on archaeological finds. Some history an. And though this ancient thousand-year-old civilization was crushed by the military Now, in The Ancient Celts, Barry Cunliffe, one of the world’s leading.

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I learned that the Celts were all over Europe, not just in Ireland.

Excellent book with great illustrations. The languish is a bit complicated and academic and it shows that he an archaeologist because he goes much on the archaeological finds but doesn’t disregard the written sources available from the Romans and then Greeks but blend them in confirming what’s This was for me the main course book, the or version, at the course “Celtic History and Culture” as Uppsala university in Sweden.

It was not an unprovoked annexation. Books by Barry W. From the picture that emerges, we are – crucially – able cunlifde distinguish between the original Celts, and cun,iffe tribes which were “Celtized”, giving us an invaluable insight into the true identity of this ancient people.

The linguistic evidence is very controversial and at times still untranslated, while the vernacular records has the hand of the Christian monks to muddy the waters a little or a lot. He also gave us a glimpse of why these people may have viewed the Ce The author is an archeologist first and foremost and as such he includes a lot of that in the book, however he makes the effort to include other views also. Sep 29, Richard Thomas rated it really liked it Shelves: The book also discussed oppidawhich were nucleated settlements, Celtic social oranization.

This book gave me answers as to the origins of the Celts their early settlements and gave me further insight as to their identity.


The Developed Celtic World The print is small. Both gave me a great deal of insight into the early settling and migration of the peoples of Britain and Western Europe. Visions of the Celts l. Jun 04, Paula rated it it was ok. Account Options Sign in. For two and a half thousand years they have continued to fascinate those who have come into contact with them, yet their origins have remained a mystery and even today are the subject of heated debate among historians and archaeologists.

Exploring the archaeological reality of the Iron Age inhabitants of barbarian Europe, Professor Cunliffe traces the emergence of chiefdoms,patterns of expansion and migration, and the development of Celtic ethnicity and identity.

Denise rated it liked it.

They were packed with details about the archaeology and linguistic evidence findings that Cunliffe interpreted to come to his enlightening conclusions. The biggest flaw this book has is, in spite of the interesting subject, the writing is very dry at times. He thee most of this on archaeological evidence. University Press Scholarship Online – Archaeology.

The Ancient Celts

Like his other books, Barry Cunliffe combines archeological evidence, admittedly biased historical accounts and linguistics to tell the tale of the ancient Celtic peoples. This book has been very informative. The third tool is the linguistic and vernacular records.

However, it actually makes a huge difference cunlirfe it comes to the Celts. The biggest flaw this book has is, in spite of the interesting sub This huge books best feature is it is full of pics of Celtic artifacts, maps, and illustrations. He is currently a Commissioner of English Heritage. Barry Cunliffe’s classic study of the ancient Celtic world was first published in Highly recommended for anyone interested in the Celts.

He received a knighthood in Nov 03, Maria rated it really liked it.

The Ancient Celts – Hardcover – Barry Cunliffe – Oxford University Press

An expert in the archaeology and art of the pagan Celts, he has written over forty books, as well as editing The Oxford Illustrated Prehistory of Europe. Many questions are raised, but I felt few were answered to no fault of the author. What I gleaned is from the text explaining the illustrations. Other aspects of Celtic identity such as the cultural diversity of the tribes, their social and religious systems, art, xncient and law, are also examined.


This book is very well done. Millar rated it it was amazing. The Communities of the Eastern Fringes Jun 02, Roseanna added it Recommends it for: He doesn’t seem to make any of his own hypotheses about the origin of the ancient Celts nor about their daily lives, beliefs, or behavior, which he’s qualified to do, and which I’d love to hear. Significance of the torc was religious–protection of the gods. This was for me the main course book, the or version, at the course “Celtic History and Culture” as Uppsala university in Sweden.

Drawing on a wealth of recent archaeological findings, Cunliffe reveals how this loose band of nomads evolved from migratory barbarians into adroit traders and artists, inhabiting virtually every corner of Europe north of the Po. Jul 16, Pedro rated it really liked it Shelves: The Celts in Retreat It is well written and thought provoking.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. The author was trying to give a picture of who the Ancient Celts were and in doing so he used three main tools. The first tool was how other people viewed the Celts and through what glasses. Instead, I was given a rather tedious recital of the migrations, and battles of the Celts. In case you want to get a grasp of the ancient celtic world this book is an interesting option. The Communities of the Atlantic Facade 8. There was a large section on the Roman Invasion, also history of the Roman period with Rome’s absorption of and influence on the Celts.

Since then huge advances have taken place in our knowledge: