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Buy L’attentat by Yasmina Khadra (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. To do so safely, he became Yasmina Khadra (his wife’s names) in order avez envie de lire un bon livre et d’ouvrir votre esprit, lisez L’Attentat!. 4 Khadra, Yasmina L’attentat, Paris, Julliard, «Pocket», 4Théoricien important de la notion de dispositif, Philippe Ortel construit son propos notamment à.

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And this blank spot is driving me crazy.

The Attack

I don’t think I’d say I ‘enjoyed’ it, it’s not a fun topic, after all, but I thought it was fascinating and illuminating. View all 5 comments. Il grande salto e, come premio, lo status di martire. The author, in my opinion, did a good job as putting both sides khavra the story across.

I think I could sell that to The Man. You are commenting using your WordPress. Our discussion Great discussion tonight with my book group. But is that the end of the world?

But my attention is drawn to an elderly lady and her daughter who are sifting through the same stacks. I also had some issues with the translation- some of the phrases chosen in translation were a out of date or b just He is at his best just describing the horrific violence yadmina carnage, making us experience the shock of it along with the characters.

The victims of the bombs, their families and friends, the survivors, but also those of the relatives of the suicide bomber whose lives will never be the same again either.


Moulessehoul, an officer in the Algerian army, adopted a woman’s pseudonym to avoid military censorship. I hate to give any book three stars that has such a wonderful mission, and is able to fulfill it to such an extent that I had to stop, put down the book, and sort out my own feelings about the conflict all over again. E ora, il film. It did get a wee bit preachy, which came very close to taking me out of the best part of the book- the human experience of this horrible conflict- and putting it into the realm of a lecture.

Despite the book starting with the killing of 19 Israelis, the book really centres around the suicide bomber, Sihem, and what drove a wealthy, priveledged wife of a well respected surgeon to carry out such a act. Intenso, introspettivo, coraggioso e illuminante. I still think it is worth reading, but to anyone expecting the emotional character study that I was- It’s there, and can be quite poignant, but be aware that you’ll have to tolerate some other baggage coming along with it.

Possibly- but the book showed itself capable of much mroe nuanced expression in other places, so it was disappointing to see all that wasted only to lead up to commonplaces. There is nothing there that you wouldn’t expect.

French book “L’Attentat” (The Attack) de Yasmina Khadra | Vive La France

We have radically different ideas about what people should expect from one another. Yzsmina shows us the real horrors of living in a place where who you look like you are never mind who you are can get you killed, and every day is another day of proving who you are all over again. Just like this reader, Dr Jaafari finds this hard to believe, and I don’t know that either of us was much the wiser at the end.


Difficulties begin when those who are living the good life khwdra and lecture those who are up to their necks in shit. Il tutto condito dalla sofferenza di un animo confuso e tradito.

Anyone who tells you that a greater symphony exists khadea the breath in your body is lying. Why yaskina women with ideas be adulterers because their every loyalty and love is not to a man? Move too fast, and you wind up back in the ditch. Trivia About The Attack. He served in the Algerian army for 36 years before going into exile in Aix-en-Provence, in France, and devoting himself to literature.

From the graphic, beautifully rendered description of the bombing that opens the novel to the searing conclusion, The Attack portrays the reality of terrorism and its incalculable spiritual costs. Well, let me warn you not to listen to elderly ladies in bookshops.

Sloppy editing annoys me, and also throws me out of the story. View all 4 comments. Khadda his wife holds much more extreme views and blows herself up in a full restaurant.

L’attentat – Yasmina Khadra by Devester Ambrine on Prezi

Per te, la vita e la morte sono la stessa cosa. View all 7 comments. The Attack by Yasmina Khadra .