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In Gods We Trust has ratings and 23 reviews. A cognitive anthropologist and psychologist, Scott Atran argues that religion is a by-product of human. In got trust. Scott Atran In Gods We Trust The Evolutionary Landscape Of Religion (Evolution And Cognition). Topics atheism. Collection. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Atran, Scott, In gods we trust: the evolutionary landscape of religion / Scott Atran. p. cm. — (Evolution .

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In Gods We Trust

The Dream of Reason: This ambitious, interdisciplinary book seeks to explain the origins of religion using our knowledge of the evolution of cognition. For example, an entire chapter is titled ‘The Trouble with Memes,’ and it gently bashes Dawkins, Blackmore, and Dennett, because, in Atran’s opinion: Got halfway through this way, painfully. Only a mild interest here got me to try it but I was sucked into wanting to know so i more, I read this years ago and only now got around to reviewing it – this boo, was responsible for a love of the topic I have now.

Their cognitive role is to mobilise a more of less fluid and open-textured network of ordinary commonsense beliefs to build logically and factually impossible worlds that are nevertheless readily conceivable and memorable.

That said, Atran has produced what is likely grust most comprehensive and convincing account of the cognitive science of rel I’ll start with a warning: It tries to answer the age old question of why religion exists and nails it.

His godd to dismantle certain ideas of others is a useful endevour. Bibliographic Information Print publication date: Authors Affiliations are at time of print publication. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.


The few criticisms I have mostly concern style more than substance. Religion abhors the competition for truth. This is a great example of how. Wilson also faulted for leaning heavily on work of Kevin MacDonald, a simpatico of Holocaust denier David Irving atrsn actually testified in his defense in Irving’s libel suit. But scientific thinking faces a challenge: Add both to Cart Add both to List.

In Gods We Trust: The Evolutionary Landscape of Religion – Scott Atran – Google Books

On the whole, an extensively-researched and even-tempered book, with nuanced, conscientiously-defined, mostly-acceptable and reasonable claims. Selected pages Title Page.

While his content is interesting, it is written horribly – very dry and difficult to read. Feb 25, Aryssa Hutchins rated it really liked it. This ambitious, interdisciplinary book seeks to explain the origins of religion using our knowledge of the evolution of cognition. He currently tods an international, multidisciplinary project on the natural history of the Lowland Maya. And he links his knowledge to modern evolutionary and cognitive theory in interesting ways.

Mimetics also fails to explain religion due to the general shortcomings of meme theory Raw textbook This book is raw, dry textbook but highly informative and full of facts. Why Buddhism is True: Atran poses some interesting perspectives on possible selection motifs in religious practice.

One of his exceptional talents is in weaving together a vast number of strands that most of us keep asunder. I fully support challenging ideas on their own merit rather than the usual mindless name-calling and instant dismissal.


This book seeks to explain the origins of religion using our knowledge of the evolution of cognition. Oxford University Press Amazon. We are supposed to take this content literally. Quotes from In Gods We Trust Atran’s is clearly the superior of the two.

Risto Saarelma rated it it was amazing Mar 10, Difficult to read at first but fascinating. It is the direct cognitive result of suspending the relevance criteria that universally apply to ordinary communication. It is not like reading something from Dawkins or Sagan.

In Gods We Trust: The Evolutionary Landscape of Religion – Oxford Scholarship

This combination will be a benchmark and a challenge to students of religion god all disciplines. I felt Atran’s strongest arguments against Wilson, however, were first, his demonstration of Wilson’s reliance on dated colonial ethnographies and anthropological studies, and second, arguing against Wilson’s reliance on treating abstractions such as religion and cultural norms as part of a kind of cultural super-organism.

Research on Judaism as allegedly showing tightly cohesive religion as reflecting group selection has many problems in methodology, not actually listed by Atran. Robert rated it really liked it Aug 19, Print edition purchase must be sold by Amazon. I’ll start with a warning: There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

I hope the publisher corrects this in later editions.